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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 91, Number 1 (1979)

Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Social Behavior, Habitat, and Food of the Beechey Jay. 1-15.
Ralph J. Raitt, John William Hardy
Burdens of the Picid Hole-Excavating Habit. 16-28.
Lester L. Short
Song Differences and Map Distances in a Population of Acadian Flycatchers. 29-41.
Robert B. Payne, Paul Budde
Time Budget of Breeding Northern Shovelers. 42-49.
Alan D. Afton
The Biology and Nesting Density of Breeding American Kestrels and Long-Eared Owls on the Big Lost River, Southeastern Idaho. 50-61.
Timothy H. Craig, Charles H. Trost
Organochlorine Pollutants and Population Status of Least Terns in South Carolina. 62-71.
Lawrence J. Blus, Richard M. Prouty
Radionuclide Concentrations in Nestling Raptors Near Nuclear Facilities. 72-77.
Timothy H. Craig, Douglas K. Halford, O. Doyle Markham
Activities of Radio-Equipped Common Grackles During Fall Migration. 78-87.
Olin E. Bray, Willis C. Royall, Jr., Joseph L. Guarino, Richard E. Johnson
Severe Winter Weather and Bird Populations in Southern Illinois. 88-103.
Jean W. Graber, Richard R. Graber
Red-Shouldered Hawk Nesting Ecology and Behavior. 104-117.
John W. Portnoy, Wendell E. Dodge
Ornithological News. 156.
Ornithological Literature. 157-162.
Proceedings of the Fifty-Ninth Annual Meeting. 163-176.
James Tate, Jr., Curtis S. Adkisson

General Notes

Nest Selection by Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 118-122.
Peter E. Lowther
Cowbird Parasitism on Common Bushtit Nest. 122-123.
Jan Peter Smith, Riley J. Atkins
Effect of Food Availability on Leaf-Scratching by the Rufous-Sided Towhee: Test of a Model. 123-126.
Edward H. Burtt, Jr., Jack P. Hailman
Winter Diet of a Bark-Foraging Guild of Birds. 126-131.
Joseph B. Williams, George O. Batzli
Mantids Selected As Prey by Blue Grosbeaks. 131-132.
Fred J. Alsop, Iii
Red Fox Predation on Greater Sandhill Crane Chicks. 132-133.
Robert L. Drieslein, Alan J. Bennett
Owl Predation on a Mobbing Crow. 133.
Render D. Denson
Ruddy Turnstones Destroy Royal Tern Colony. 133-135.
Robert W. Loftin, Steve Sutton
Predation of Black Rat Snakes on a Bank Swallow Colony. 135-137.
Charles R. Blem
Summer Range and Migration Routes of Florida Wintering Greater Sandhill Cranes. 137-141.
Stephen A. Nesbitt, Lovett E. Williams, Jr.
Olfactory Guidance of Leach's Storm Petrel to the Breeding Island. 141-143.
Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.
Effects of Highways on Red-Winged Blackbird and Horned Lark Populations. 143-145.
W. Dwight Clark, James R. Karr
Observations on Plush-Capped Finches in the Andes with a Description of the Juvenal and Immature Plumages. 145-148.
Steven L. Hilty, Theodore A. Parker Iii, James Silliman
An Observation of Stick Presentation by the Swallow-Tailed Kite. 148.
W. Bruce Mcgillivray, David J. Brooks
Record of Puerto Rican Screech Owl, Turkey Vulture and Osprey From St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. 148-149.
David W. Nellis
Chestnut-Colored Woodpeckers Feeding As a Pair on Ants. 149-150.
Lawrence Kilham
Off-Lek Copulation in Sharp-Tailed Grouse. 150-151.
Donald A. Sexton
Differences Between Nestlings and Fledglings of Screaming and Bay-Winged Cowbirds. 151-154.
Rosendo M. Fraga
Chimney Swift Nest Found in Hollow Tree. 154.
K. Douglas Blodgett, Richard M. Zammuto
Notes on the Reproductive Behavior of the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo. 154-155.
Stephen W. Eaton

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