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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 90, Number 4 (1978)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


On Maturation of Thayer's Gull. 479-491.
George M. Sutton, David F. Parmelee
Bird Life at Cape Crozier, Ross Island. 492-510.
David G. Ainley, Robert C. Wood, William J. L. Sladen
Food Size, Food Type, and Foraging Sites of Red-Winged Blackbirds. 511-520.
Stephen W. Wilson
Winter Territorial and Foraging Behavior of Red-Headed Woodpeckers in Florida. 521-535.
Debra Moskovits
Tarsal Color of American Coots in Relation to Age. 536-543.
Richard D. Crawford
Nesting Behavior and Affinities of Monk Parakeets of Southern Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. 544-552.
Philip S. Humphrey, Roger Tory Peterson
Morphology of the Larynx of Corvus Brachyrhynchos (Passeriformes: Corvidae). 553-565.
Walter J. Bock
Habitat Use by Yellow-Rumped Warblers at the Northern Extremities of their Winter Range. 566-574.
Kenneth J. Wilz, Vincent Giampa
Habitat Shift and Roadside Mortality of Scarlet Tanagers During a Cold Wet New England Spring. 575-586.
David C. Zumeta, Richard T. Holmes
Community Ecology of the Helminth Parasites of the Brown Pelican. 587-598.
Stephen R. Humphrey, Charles H. Courtney, Donald J. Forrester
Nest-Site Selection of Willets in a New Jersey Salt Marsh. 599-607.
Joanna Burger, Joseph Shisler
Organochlorine Residues and Eggshell Thinning in Wood Storks and Anhingas. 608-618.
Harry M. Ohlendorf, Erwin E. Klaas, T. Earl Kaiser
Habitat Selection by Breeding Red-Winged Blackbirds. 619-634.
Peter H. Albers
The Use of Feeding Areas Outside of the Territory of Breeding Black Oystercatchers. 650-652.
E. B. Hartwick
Ornithological Literature. 658-667.

General Notes

Another Colony of the Guadeloupe House Wren. 635-637.
Jon C. Barlow
Pesticide Levels and Shell Thickness of Common Loon Rggs in New Hampshire. 637-640.
Scott A. Sutcliffe
Declines in Environmental Pollutants in Olivaceous Cormorant Eggs From Texas, 1970-1977. 640-642.
Michael L. Morrison, R. Douglas Slack, Edwin Shanley, Jr.,
Turkey Vulture Eggshell Thinning in California, Florida, and Texas. 642-643.
Sanford R. Wilbur
An Experimental Analysis of the Interrelationship Between Nest Density and Predation in Old-Field Habitats. 643-646.
Bradley M. Gottfried
Canada Goose Takes Over Mallard Nest. 646-647.
Thomas N. Mather
Notes on Food Habits of the Plain Chachalaca From the Lower Rio Grande Valley. 647-648.
Zan D. Christensen, Danny B. Pence, Gretchen Scott
Herring Gulls Stealing Prey From Parasitic Jaegers. 649-650.
R. I. G. Morrison
Screech Owl Predation on a Common Flicker Nest. 652.
Mary C. Landin
Red Bobwhites in Oklahoma. 652-653.
Jack D. Tyler
Asynchrony of Hatching in Red-Winged Blackbirds and Survival of Late and Early Hatching Birds. 653-655.
Charles Strehl
Weather-Related Mortality of Blackbirds and Starlings in a Kentucky Roosting Congregation. 655-656.
Paul A. Stewart
An Observation of Polygyny in the Common Yellowthroat. 656-657.
George V. N. Powell, H. Lee Jones

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