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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 90, Number 1 (1978)

Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Growth and Survival of Young Florida Scrub Jays. 1-18.
Glen E. Woolfenden
Request for Assistance. 18.
Vertical Distribution of Birds in a Louisiana Bottomland Hardwood Forest. 19-30.
James G. Dickson, Robert E. Noble
Requests for Assistance. 30.
Agricultural Impact of a Winter Population of Blackbirds and Starlings. 31-44.
Richard A. Dolbeer, Paul P. Woronecki, Allen R. Stickley, Jr., Stephen B. White
Breeding Behavior of the Louisiana Heron. 45-59.
James A. Rodgers, Jr.
Status and Numerical Fluctuations of Some North American Waders Along the Surinam Coast. 60-83.
Arie L. Spaans
Feeding of Nestling and Fledgling Eastern Bluebirds. 84-98.
Benedict C. Pinkowski
Differential Use of Fresh Water Environments by Wintering Waterfowl of Coastal Texas. 99-111.
Donald H. White, Douglas James
Reproductive Success and Foraging Behavior of the Osprey at Seahorse Key, Florida. 112-118.
Robert C. Szaro
Request for Assistance. 118.
Ornithological Literature. 145-156.
Ornithological News. 157-158.

General Notes

Changing Avian Community Structure During Early Post-Fire Succession in the Sierra Nevada. 119-123.
Carl E. Bock, Martin Raphael, Jane H. Bock
Notes on the Distribution of Birds in Sonora, Mexico. 123-131.
Stephen M. Russell, Donald W. Lamm
Egg Carrying by Wood Duck. 131-132.
Robert W. Strader, Richard Di Giulio, Robert B. Hamilton
Evidence of Brood Adoption by Ruffed Grouse. 132-133.
Stephen J. Maxson
Marsh Hawks Follow Hunting Red Fox. 133-134.
Leroy W. Bandy, Barbara Bandy
Predation Ecology of Coexistng Great Horned and Barn Owls. 134-137.
Seri G. Rudolph
Host Records for the Striped Cuckoo From Costa Rica. 138-139.
Lloyd F. Kiff, Andrew Williams
Ant-Following Birds in South American Subtropical Forests. 139-141.
Michael Gochfeld, Guy Tudor
Fishing Behavior of Black and Turkey Vultures. 141-143.
Jerome A. Jackson, Irvine D. Prather, Richard N. Conner, Sheila Parness Gaby
A New Hybrid Warbler Combination. 143-144.
Richard C. Banks, James Baird

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