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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 89, Number 4 (1977)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


The Lesser Prairie Chicken's Inflatable Neck Sacs. 521-522.
George Miksch Sutton
Nesting Habitat of Canada Geese in Southeastern Michigan. 523-531.
Richard M. Kaminski, Harold H. Prince
Residues of Environmental Pollutants and Shell Thinning in Merganser Eggs. 532-542.
Donald H. White, Eugene Cromartie
Breeding Bird Survey Counts As Related to Habitat and Date. 543-561.
Wayne C. Weber, John B. Theberge
Analysis of Materials in Cliff and Barn Swallow Nests: Relationship Between Mud Selection and Nest Architecture. 562-571.
Delbert L. Kilgore, Jr., Kathy L. Knudsen
Requests for Assistance. 571.
Production and Survival of the Verdin. 572-582.
George T. Austin
Male Behavior and Female Recruitment in the Red-Winged Blackbird. 583-592.
Patrick J. Weatherhead, Raleigh J. Robertson
Reduction of Courtship Behavior Induced by Dde in Male Ringed Turtle Doves. 593-601.
M. A. Haegele, Rick H. Hudson
Movements of the Great-Tailed Grackle in Texas. 602-608.
Keith A. Arnold, Leon J. Folse, Jr.
Requests for Assistance. 635.
Ornithological Literature. 636-654.
Ornithological News. 655-656.
Index to Volume 89, 1977. 657-678.
Bonnie J. Turner, Wendy J. Weber

General Notes

Tropical Screech Owl Nest Defense Behavior and Nestling Growth Rate. 609-612.
Betsy Trent Thomas
Three More New Specimen Records for Guatemala. 612-613.
Robert W. Dickerman
Feeding Behavior of Two Hummingbirds in a Costa Rican Montane Forest. 613-616.
Barbara K. Snow
Black-Legged Kittiwakes Nesting on Snowbank. 616-618.
George L. Hunt, Jr., Max C. Thompson
Evidence of Double Brooding by American Kestrels in the Colorado High Plains. 618-619.
Dale W. Stahlecker, Herman J. Griese
Further Comments on Sexual Size Dimorphism in Birds. 619-620.
D. Amadon
Response of Incubating Black-Bellied Whistling-Ducks to Loss of Mates. 621.
Richard E. Mccamant, Eric G. Bolen
Late Pleistocene Williamson's Sapsucker From Wyoming. 622.
Michael Wilson, Amadeo M. Rea
American Kestrel Rejects Captured Spadefoot Toad. 623.
G. Scott Mills
Winter Distribution of Red-Tailed Hawks in Central New York State. 623-625.
Jonathan Bart
Osprey Catches Vole. 625.
Noble S. Proctor
Patterns of Feeding Field Sparrow Young. 625-627.
Louis B. Best
Avian Bone Pathologies From Arikara Sites in South Dakota. 628-632.
Paul W. Parmalee
Nest Reciprocity in Eastern Phoebes and Barn Swallows. 632-635.
Harmon P. Weeks, Jr.

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