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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 89, Number 2 (1977)

Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


The Breeding Biology of the Oahu 'Elepaio. 193-210.
Sheila Conant
Life History Factors Affecting the Intrinsic Rate of Natural Increase of Birds of the Deciduous Forest Biome. 211-232.
Richard Brewer, Lynda Swander
Nesting Habitat of Common Ravens in Virginia. 233-242.
Robert G. Hooper
Growth and Development of Known-Age Ring-Billed Gull Embryos. 243-252.
John P. Ryder, Lynn Somppi
Habitat Partitioning in a Community of Passerine Birds. 253-265.
Robert C. Whitmore
Breeding Displays of the Louisiana Heron. 266-285.
James A. Rodgers, Jr.
Breeding Biology of Cliff Swallows in Virginia. 286-290.
Gilbert S. Grant, Thomas L. Quay
Weather Influences on Nocturnal Bird Mortality at a North Dakota Tower. 291-299.
Michael Avery, Paul F. Springer, J. Frank Cassel
Breeding Biology of House Sparrows in North Mississippi. 300-309.
James N. Sappington
Nesting Behavior of Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers. 310-324.
Lawrence Kilham
Ornithological Literature. 352-359.
Conservation Committee Report Falconry: Effects on Raptor Populations and Management in North America. 360-369.
Ornithological News. 370-371.

General Notes

Sex Differences in Alarm Responses of Wintering Evening Grosbeaks. 325-327.
Martha Hatch Balph
Nesting of Turkey and Black Vultures in Panama. 328-329.
Laurie A. Mchargue
Fulvous Whistling Duck Populations in Texas and Louisiana. 329-331.
Edward L. Flickinger, David S. Lobpries, Hugh A. Bateman
Slipper Shells, a Major Food Item for White-Winged Scoters. 331.
James G. Hoff
Egg Movement by a Female Gadwall Between Nest Bowls. 331-332.
Robert F. Johnson, Jr., Leo M. Kirsch
Foods of Western Clapper Rails. 332-336.
R. D. Ohmart, R. E. Tomlinson
Aggression in Foraging Migrant Semipalmated Sandpipers. 336-338.
Brian A. Harrington, Sarah Groves
Herring Gull Eating Bayberry. 338.
Roger F. Pasquier
The Lesser Antillean Bullfinch in the Virgin Islands. 338-342.
Herbert A. Raffaele, Daniel Roby
Foraging Behavior of the White Ibis. 342-345.
James A. Kushlan
Birds of Five Families Feeding From Spider Webs. 345-346.
Robert B. Waide, Jack P. Hailman
Winter Nest Microclimate of Monk Parakeets. 346-349.
Donald F. Caccamise, Wesley W. Weathers
Snake Predation on Bell's Vireo Nestlings. 349-350.
Calvin L. Cink
Crow Predation on Black-Crowned Night Heron Eggs. 350-351.
Joanna Burger, D. Caldwell Hahn

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