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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 89, Number 1 (1977)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Notes on the Biology and Population Status of the Monkey-Eating Eagle of the Philippines. 1-20.
Robert S. Kennedy
Cowbird Parasitism and Egg Recognition of the Northern Oriole. 21-32.
Stephen I. Rothstein
Observations on the Red-Necked Grebe Nesting in Michigan. 33-46.
Michael L. Chamberlin
Growth and Development of the Plain Chachalaca in South Texas. 47-56.
Wayne R. Marion
Social Dominance in Winter Flocks of Cassin's Finch. 57-66.
Fred B. Samson
Inter-Brood Movements of Juvenile Spruce Grouse. 67-72.
Daniel M. Keppie
Breeding Biology of Year-Old and Older Female Red-Winged and Yellow-Headed Blackbirds. 73-80.
Richard D. Crawford
Food Habits of Oldsquaws Wintering on Lake Michigan. 81-91.
Steven R. Peterson, Robert S. Ellarson
Sexual Dimorphism in the White Ibis. 92-98.
James A. Kushlan
Eggshell Thickness Variability in the White-Faced Ibis. 99-106.
David E. Capen
Characteristics of a Wintering Population of White-Tailed Ptarmigan in Colorado. 107-115.
Richard W. Hoffman, Clait E. Braun
Breeding Densities and Migration Periods of Common Snipe in Colorado. 116-121.
Bruce R. Johnson, Ronald A. Ryder
Principal Component Analysis of Woodpecker Nesting Habitat. 122-129.
Richard N. Conner, Curtis S. Adkisson
Phenetic Analysis of the Subfamily Cardinalinae Using External and Skeletal Characters. 130-148.
Jenna J. Hellack, Gary D. Schnell
Ornithological News. 177-178.
Ornithological Literature. 179-192.

General Notes

Why Ospreys Hover. 149-150.
Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.
Storage of Pinon Nuts by the Acorn Woodpecker in New Mexico. 150-151.
Peter B. Stacey, Roxana Jansma
Flocking and Foraging in the Scarlet-Rumped Tanager. 151-153.
David J. Moriarty
Yellow Warbler Nest Used by a Least Flycatcher. 153-154.
J. Paul Goossen
Pintail Reproduction Hampered by Snowfall and Agriculture. 154-157.
Gary L. Krapu
Ticks As a Factor in the 1975 Nesting Failure of Texas Brown Pelicans. 157-158.
Kirke A. King, David R. Blankinship, Richard T. Paul
Prairie Warbler Feeds From Spider Web. 158-159.
John F. Douglass
Notes on the Hummingbirds of Monteverde, Cordillera De Tilaran, Costa Rica. 159-164.
Peter Feinsinger
Nest-Site Differences Between Red-Headed and Red-Bellied Woodpeckers in South Carolina. 164-165.
Lawrence Kilham
Ground Foraging and Rapid Molt in the Chuck-Will's-Widow. 165-166.
Sievert Roiiwer, James Butler
Feeding Responses of Fall Migrants to Prolonged Inclement Weather. 166-167.
Elliot J. Tramer, Flora E. Tramer
Southbound Migration of Shorebirds From the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 167-171.
Raymond Mcneil, Jean Burton
Flocking and Foraging Behavior of Brown Jays in Northeastern Mexico. 171-173.
Michael L. Morrison, R. Douglas Slack
Do More Birds Produce Fewer Young? a Comment on Mayfield's Measure of Nest Success. 173-175.
Richard F. Green
Mortality of Nestling Mississippi Kites by Ants. 176.
James W. Parker

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