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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 88, Number 3 (1976)

Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Roseate Tern Bill Color Change in Relation to Nesting Status and Food Supply. 377-389.
Grace Donaldson Cormons
Habitat Selection and Territorial Behavior of the Small Grebes of North Dakota. 390-399.
John Faaborg
Nesting Biology of the Long-Tailed Manakin. 400-420.
Mercedes S. Foster
Chemical Residue Content and Hatchability of Screech Owl Eggs. 421-426.
Erwin E. Klaas, Douglas M. Swineford
Loon Productivity, Human Disturbance, and Pesticide Residues in Northern Minnesota. 427-432.
Catherine H. Ream
On the Relative Abundance of Migrants From the North Temperate Zone in Tropical Habitats. 433-458.
James R. Karr
Eggshell Quality: Its Ecological and Physiological Significance in a Dde-Contaminated Common Tern Population. 459-477.
Glen A. Fox
The Relationship Between Brood Size and Age of Effective Homeothermy in Nestling House Wrens. 478-482.
Erica H. Dunn
Ornithological News. 510-511.
Ornithological Literature. 512-528.

General Note

Winter Abundance Patterns of North American Kinglets. 483-485.
Larry W. Lepthien, Carl E. Bock
Vocal Mimicry in the Thick-Billed Euphonia. 485-487.
Eugene S. Morton
Observations of Vocal Mimicry in the Thick-Billed Euphonia. 487-488.
J. V. Remsen, Jr.,
Crop Contents of Rock Doves in Virginia. 489-490.
Thomas A. Pierson, Robert G. Cobb, Patrick F. Scanlon
A Probable Mourning X Macgillivray's Warbler Hybrid. 490-491.
Sebastian T. Patti, Mary Louise Myers
Change in Status of Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Colonies. 491-492.
Richard L. Thompson
Notes on Two Species of Bolivian Birds. 492-493.
John P. O'Neill
Breeding Chronology and Interspecific Relations of Pied-Billed Grebes in Northern Minnesota. 493-495.
Ronald E. Kirby
Growth Rate in the Monk Parakeet. 495-497.
Donald F. Caccamise, Peter J. Alexandro
Foraging Methods of the Song Thrush. 497-499.
C. J. Henty
A Late Nesting Attempt by Clark's Nutcracker. 499-500.
Diana F. Tomback
Lek Behavior of the Buff-Breasted Sandpiper. 500-503.
J. P. Prevett, J. F. Barr
Sandhill Cranes Feeding on Ducklings. 503-504.
Carroll D. Littlefield
Successful Parasitism of the Gary Catbird by the Brown-Headed Cowbird. 504.
Joan C. Woodward
Avian Tuberculosis in a Saw-Whet Owl. 505.
Wayne J. Mollhoff
Observations at a Cavity Nest of the Common Grackle and an Analysis of Grackle Nest Sites. 505-507.
George R. Maxwell Ii, Jean M. Nocilly, Robert I. Shearer
Unusual Intensity of Fighting in Ring-Necked Ducks. 507-508.
Rodger D. Titman, Norman R. Seymour
Cedar Waxwings and Eastern Bluebirds Feeding on Winter Stoneflies. 508-509.
Benedict C. Pinkowski
An Incident of Blne Jay Predation on a Yellow-Rumped Warbler. 509.
Kenneth W. Johnson, Joye E. Johnson

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