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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 88, Number 2 (1976)

Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Pair-Formation Displays of the Great Blue Heron. 185-230.
Douglas W. Mock
Behavioral Interactions of Blue-Winged and Golden-Winged Warblers. 231-254.
Bertram G. Murray, Jr., Frank B. Gill
Comparative Breeding Ecology of Phoebes in Trans-Pecos Texas. 255-271.
Harry M. Ohlendorf
Fall Resource Division in Santa Cruz Island Hummingbirds. 272-279.
Richard I. Yeaton, Lyndall Laughrin
A Montane Hummingbird Territorial System in Oaxaca, Mexico. 280-298.
David L. Lyon
Gannets in North America: Present Numbers and Recent Population Changes. 300-313.
David N. Nettleship
Request for Assistance. 313.
Feeding Behavior and Diet of the Long-Billed Curlew and Willet. 314-332.
Lynne E. Stenzel, Harriet R. Huber, Gary W. Page
Notice to Contributors. 332.
Overland Migration by Common Eiders of the St. Lawrence Estuary. 333-344.
J. Gauthier, J. Bedard, A. Reed
Ornithological News. 360.
Ornithological Literature. 361-376.

General Notes

An Early Pleistocene Avifauna From Haile Xva, Florida. 345-347.
Kenneth E. Campbell, Jr.,
An Unusual Clutch Size of the Black-Bellied Whistling Duck. 347-348.
Don Delnicki, Eric G. Bolen, Clarence Cottam
An Apparent Hybrid Goldeneye From Maine. 348-349.
Michael Gochfeld
Cleptoparasitism by Gulls of Migrating Shorebirds. 349-351.
Robert B. Payne, Henry F. Howe
Rapid Tail Molt and Temporarily Impaired Flight in the Chuck-Will's-Widow. 351-353.
Robert M. Mengel
Throat Obstruction As a Mortality Factor Among Willow Ptarmigan Chicks. 353.
Ingolf Hanssen, Howard Parker
Gray-Backed Terns Eat Lizards. 354.
Roger B. Clapp
Leaf-Scratching in White-Crowned Sparrows and Fox Sparrows: Test of a Model. 354-356.
Jack P. Hailman
Aerial Fishing by Pied Herons. 356-357.
Michael Gochfeld
American Kestrel Eating Carrion. 357.
G. Robert Ganis
House Sparrows Usurp Hornero Nests in Argentina. 357-358.
Joanna Burger
A Westward Extension in the Breeding Range of the Mountain Plover. 358-359.
Duane A. Tolle
The Nesting Site of the Northern Oriole in Amherst, Massachusetts. 359-360.
Rudolph L. Graf, Frederick Greeley

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