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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 88, Number 1 (1976)

Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


The Color Phases of Downy Mute Swans. 1-3.
Colleen Helgeson Nelson
A Key to Downy Cygnets with Analysis of Plumage Characters. 4-15.
Colleen Helgeson Nelson
The Effects of Orchard Pesticide Applications on Breeding Robins. 16-35.
Eric V. Johnson, Guilford L. Mack, Daniel Q. Thompson
Requests for Assistance. 35.
Winter Activity Patterns of Black-Capped Chickadees in Interior Alaska. 36-61.
Brina Kessel
Requests for Assistance. 61.
Foraging Behavior and Habitat Selection of Three Species of Vireos in Southern Ontario. 62-75.
Ross D. James
Molt in Leach's and Ashy Storm-Petrels. 76-95.
David G. Ainley, T. James Lewis, Steve Morrell
Comparative Breeding Behavior and Ecology of the Bushy-Crested and Nelson San Blas Jays. 96-120.
John William Hardy
Requests for Assistance. 120.
Some Dynamics of a Breeding Colony of Laysan Albatrosses. 121-142.
Harvey I. Fisher
Editorial. 159-160.
Ornithological News. 161-164.
Conservation Committee Report on Effects of Alteration of Sagebrush Communities on the Associated Avifauna. 165-171.
Ornithological Literature. 172-184.

General Note

Notes on the Behavior of Captive Great Cormorants. 143-145.
R. Kenyon Ross
Adaptiveness of Foraging in the Cattle Egret. 145-148.
Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.,
Wood Duck Incubates Eggless Clutch. 148-149.
H. W. Heusmann, Peter R. Pekkala
Extremes of Sexual Dimorphism in Size in Birds. 149-150.
Katherine Ralls
New Bird Records for El Salvador. 150-151.
Alan Feduccia
The Impact of an Underground Nuclear Fracturing Experiment on Cliff-Nesting Raptors. 151-154.
Dale W. Stahlecker, A. William Alldredge
Natal Pterylosis of Sporophila Finches. 154-157.
Charles T. Collins, Michael H. Kemp
Cedar Waxwing Feeding From Spider Web. 157-158.
Edward H. Burtt, Jr.,, B. Dennis Sustare, Jack P. Hailman
Autumnal Breeding in Chinese Spotted Doves. 158.
Luis F. Baptista

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