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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 87, Number 4 (1975)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Behavior and Generic Status of the Rufous Flycatcher of Peru. 441-455.
Wesley E. Lanyon
Suggestions for Calculating Nest Success. 456-466.
Harold F. Mayfield
Oil Threat to Aquatic Birds Along the Yukon Coast. 467-480.
Kees Vermeer, Gary G. Anweiler
Geographic and Ecological Variation in the Family Icteridae. 481-495.
Peter E. Lowther
Effects of Bald Eagle Territoriality on Nesting Ospreys. 496-505.
John C. Ogden
Breeding Biology of the Golden Eagle in Southwestern Idaho. 506-513.
John J. Beecham, M. N. Kochert
Prey Selection and Caloric Ingestion Rate of Captive American Kestrels. 514-519.
Gary W. Barrett, Carl V. Mackey
Flammulated Owl Migration in the Southwestern United States. 520-533.
Russell P. Balda, Barbara Clark Mcknight, Clarence D. Johnson
Egg-Laying, Egg Size, and Success in Relation to Immature-Mature Plumage of Ring-Billed Gulls. 534-542.
John P. Ryder
Geographic Variation in Wing-Loading of the House Sparrow. 543-549.
Charles R. Blem
Ornithological News. 560-561.
Ornithological Literature. 562-571.
Proceedings of the Fifty-Sixth Annual Meeting. 572-588.
James Tate, Jr.,
Index to Volume 87, 1975. 589-607.
Jerome A. Jackson, Robert J. Esher, Wayne C. Weber, David F. Werschkul

General Note

An Optical Scope for Examining Nest Contents of Tunnel-Nesting Birds. 550-551.
Natalie J. Demong, Stephen T. Emlen
American Robin Feeds Garter Snake to Its Nestlings. 552.
Merle L. Richmond
Chipping Sparrows Feeding Grit to Offspring. 552.
Doren Crook
Predation by Common Ravens on Feral Rock Doves. 552-553.
Chris Maser
Hoarding of Corn by Golden-Fronted Woodpeckers. 553.
James W. Martin, James C. Kroll
Biting in the Triumph Display of the Canada Goose. 554-555.
T. Radesater _Xxx_
Robin Gathering Nest Material in October. 556-557.
Roger F. Pasquier
The Mexican Chicken Bug As a Source of Raptor Mortality. 557.
Stephen W. Platt
American Kestrels Sit on Wood Duck Eggs. 557-558.
Stephen J. Zipko
Wildlife Occupying Potential Wood Duck Tree Nest Sites. 558-559.
Roger L. Boyer

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