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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 87, Number 3 (1975)

Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Discovery of a Nest and the Downy Young of the Marbled Murrelet. 303-319.
Laurence C. Binford, Bruce G. Elliott, Steven W. Singer
Aspects of the Biology of the Chestnut-Sided Shrike-Vireo. 320-334.
Jon C. Barlow, Ross D. James
Time Budget of Breeding Gadwalls. 335-343.
Thomas J. Dwyer
Request for Assistance. 343.
Breeding Biology of the Boreal Chickadee. 344-354.
Margaret A. Mclaren
A Christmas Count Analysis of Woodpecker Abundance in the United States. 355-366.
Carl E. Bock, Larry W. Lepthien
Evolutionary Aspects of Parental Behavior: Distraction Behavior of the Alpine Accentor. 367-373.
David P. Barash
Habitat Use and Flock Activity of Dark-Eyed Juncos in Winter. 374-383.
Bradley M. Gottfried, Edwin C. Franks
Additional Records of Passerine Terrestrial Gaits. 384-389.
George A. Clark, Jr.
Changes in Body Weight of American Goldfinches. 390-411.
Arthur J. Wiseman
Ornithological News. 428.
Ornithological Literature. 429-440.
Editorial. 440.

General Notes

Nine New Specimen Records for Guatemala. 412-413.
Robert W. Dickerman
A New Species of Spizaetus From the Pliocene of Nebraska. 413-416.
Larry D. Martin
The Bony Stapes in the Upupidae and Phoeniculidae: Evidence for Common Ancestry. 416-417.
Alan Feduccia
Morphology of the Bony Stapes in the Menuridae and Acanthisittidae: Evidence for Oscine Affinities. 418-420.
Alan Feduccia
Additional Observations on Hover-Feeding by North American Ardeids. 420.
James A. Rodgers Jr.
Additional Records of Unusual Nectar Feeding. 421.
George F. Fisler
Nesting Indigo Buntings Displaced by Peromyscus. 421-422.
J. Edward Gates, Donna M. Gates
Mourning Doves Breeding in an Unusual Habitat: the Coastal Spruce Forest. 422-424.
Douglass H. Morse
Spring Migration of Sandhill Cranes From Florida. 424-426.
Stephen A. Nesbitt
Optical and Gamma Radiation Measurements of the Effects of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons on Egg Shells of Red-Winged Blackbirds. 426-427.
James T. Tanner, Wayne W. Tolbert
Two Female Wood Ducks Call Brood From Nest Box. 427-428.
Richard L. Clawson

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