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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 87, Number 1 (1975)

Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


The South Pacific Gallinules of the Genus Pareudiastes. 1-5.
Storrs L. Olson
Requests for Information. 5.
Breeding Biology of the Mountain Plover. 6-31.
Walter D. Graul
Ecological Aspects of Avian Bill-Size Variation. 32-44.
Mary F. Willson, James R. Karr, Roland R. Roth
Breeding Bald Eagles in Captivity. 45-53.
John R. Maestrelli, Stanley N. Wiemeyer
Request for Information. 53.
Movements and Mortality of Juvenile White Pelicans From North Dakota. 54-59.
Lawrence E. Strait, Norman F. Sloan
Clam Dropping Behavior of the Glaucous-Winged Gull (Larus Glaucescens). 60-64.
David P. Barash, Patrick Donovan, Rinda Myrick
Habitat Ordination of Passerine Birds of the Virgin River Valley, Southwestern Utah. 65-74.
Robert C. Whitmore
The Systematic Position of the Gray Catbird (Dumetella Carolinensis) As Indicated by Its Nasal Mites (Acarina: Dermanyssidae, Rhinonyssinae). 75-82.
Danny B. Pence, Stanley D. Casto
Habitat Selection by Waterfowl of Argentine Isla Grande. 83-90.
Milton W. Weller
Solar Radiation, Light Intensity, and Roosting Behavior in Birds. 91-95.
Palmer E. Krantz, Sidney A. Gauthreaux, Jr.
Some Aspects of the Breeding Biology of the Upland Sandpiper in North Dakota. 96-102.
Kenneth F. Higgins, Leo M. Kirsch
The President's Page. 117.
Kenneth C. Parkes
Editorial. 118.
Ornithological News. 119.
Ornithological Literature. 120-139.
Conservation Committee Report on Status of Eagles. 140-143.
Suggestions to Authors. 144.

General Notes

Ichthyornis in the Cretaceous of Alabama. 103-105.
Storrs L. Olson
Notes on Nests of Four Avian Species From the Coastal Cordillera of Venezuela. 105-106.
David Ewert
Incubation by a Male Fulvous Tree Duck. 106-107.
Edward L. Flickinger
Cases of Birds Reducing or Eliminating Infestations of Tobacco Insects. 107-109.
Paul A. Stewart
Interactions Between Forster's Terns and American Coots. 109-110.
Martin K. Mcnicholl
Mobbing and Other Interspecific Aggression by Barn Swallows. 110-112.
Harland D. Guillory, Dwight J. Leblanc
Clapper Rail Feeding on Water Snake. 112.
James G. Hoff
An Additional Record of Two Tree Swallow Females Using the Same Nest Box. 112-113.
Benedict C. Pinkowski
Some Unusual Nest Sites of the House Sparrow. 113.
Erica Werler, Edwin C. Franks
Soaring Vultures Use a Dust Devil to Gain Altitude. 113-114.
Edwin Kessler
Blue Geese Wintering with Sandhill Cranes. 114-115.
Stephen A. Nesbitt
Renesting and Second Broods of Wild Mallards. 115.
Harold A. Doty
Artifactual Clutch Size in Sooty Terns and Brown Noddies. 115-116.
William Y. Brown

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