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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 85, Number 4 (1973)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


A Classification of the Rallidae. 381-416.
Storrs L. Olson
The Fall Migration Route of Kirtland's Warbler. 417-428.
Mary Heimerdinger Clench
Some Aspects of the Nesting Requirements of Common Loons in Alberta. 429-435.
Kees Vermeer
The Brood Size of Cranes. 436-441.
Richard S. Miller
Effects of Dusting on Plumage of Japanese Quail. 442-448.
William M. Healy, Jack Ward Thomas
Competition Between American Coots and Franklin's Gulls for Nest Sites and Egg Predation by the Coots. 449-451.
Joanna Burger
Analysis of the Eastward Breeding Expansion of Brewer's Blackbird Plus General Aspects of Avian Expansions. 452-464.
P. H. R. Stepney, Dennis M. Power
The George Miksch Sutton Colorplate Fund. 486.
The President's Page. 487.
Kenneth C. Parkes
Ornithological News. 488-489.
Grants-In-Aid and Prizes Offered by the Wilson Ornithological Society. 490.
Conservation Section: a Consideration of the Exotic Avifauna of Southeastern Florida. 491-500.
Oscar T. Owre
Exotic Birds in the New York City Area. 501-505.
John Bull
Feral Exotic Birds in Southern California. 506-512.
John William Hardy
Ornithological Literature. 513-524.
The Wilson Ornithological Society. 525.
Index to Volume 85, 1973. 526-546.
Emma J. Messerly, John F. Messerly, Mary M. Mcclellan

General Notes

A New Race of Celeus Spectabilis From Eastern Brazil. 465-467.
Relocation of a Wood Duck Clutch From a Natural Cavity to a Nest-Box. 467-468.
H. W. Heusmann, James E. Cardoza
An Upland Nest of the Redhead Far From Water. 468.
John T. Lokemoen, Harold F. Duebbert
Additional Records of Non-Fish Prey Taken by Ospreys. 468-470.
James W. Wiley, Fred E. Lohrer
Spring Use of Stock Ponds by Lesser Prairie Chickens. 471-472.
John A. Crawford, Eric G. Bolen
Precocious Lek Behavior in Sharp-Tailed Grouse Chicks. 472-473.
Robert J. Brown
Energetics of a Spotted Sandpiper Feeding on Brine Fly Larvae (Paracoenia; Diptera; Ephydridae) in a Thermal Spring Community. 473-476.
Wayne J. Kuenzel, Richard G. Wiegert
Electrocution of Birds by an Electric Fence. 476-477.
Paul A. Stewart
Ocular Impalement of a Great Horned Owl. 477-478.
Timothy Mccarthy
Great Horned Owl Impaled on Barbed Wire. 478.
Ralph M. Edeburn
An Observation of Predation by Native Fire Ants on Nestling Barn Swallows. 478-479.
James C. Kroll, Keith A. Arnold, Robert F. Gotie
The Rock Wren in Missouri. 479-480.
David A. Easterla, Ronald E. Ball
Starlings Stealing Worms From Robins. 480-482.
Joan Bird, John Alcock, W. James Erckmann
Nest Records of Cerulean Warbler in Delaware. 482-483.
John T. Linehan
House Sparrows Feeding Young at Night. 483.
Carl D. Marti
Red-Winged Blackbird Feeding on Horseshoe Crab Eggs. 483.
Jan G. Reese
Notes on the Hoary Redpoll on Its Central Canadian Arctic Breeding Grounds. 484-485.
Fred J. Alsop Iii

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