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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 85, Number 3 (1973)

Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Radar Observations of Bird Movements Along the Arctic Coast of Alaska. 259-275.
Warren L. Flock
Singing Habits of Traill's Flycatcher in Northwestern Montana. 276-282.
Winton Weydemeyer
The Timing of Maternal Behavior of the Broad-Tailed Hummingbird Preceding Nest Failure. 283-290.
William A. Calder
Replacement of Cavity-Hunting Starlings and House Sparrows After Removal. 291-294.
Paul A. Stewart
Locomotor Mechanisms in North American Ducks. 295-307.
Robert J. Raikow
Effect of Temperature on Energy Requirements and Northward Distribution of the Black-Bellied Tree Duck. 308-317.
Brian W. Cain
Publication Notes and Notices. 317.
Merrill Wood
Food Manipulation by Young Passerines and the Possible Evolutionary History of Impaling by Shrikes. 318-322.
Susan M. Smith
Exponential Relations of Standard Metabolic Rates of Birds and the Weights of Eggs. 323-326.
Charles A. Long
Molt of Juvenile White-Eyed Vireos. 327-330.
William G. George
The President's Page. 352-353.
Kenneth C. Parkes
Ornithological News. 353.
Ornithological Literature. 354-365.
Proceedings of the Fifty-Fourth Annual Meeting. 366-378.
James Tate Jr.,

General Notes

Promiscuous Mating Behavior in the White Ibis. 331-332.
James A. Kushlan
Marsh Hawk Catches Fish. 332.
Noble S. Proctor
Some Food Preferences and Aggressive Behavior by Monk Parakeets. 332-334.
David B. Freeland
Response by a Long-Eared Owl to Barred Owl Calls.. 334-335.
John W. Fitzpatrick
Use of Marked Prey to Study Raptor Predation. 335-336.
Donald W. Kaufman
Food and Foraging Ecology of the Chestnut-Bellied Cuckoo. 336-337.
Alexander Cruz
Interordinal Copulation on Coastal Venezuela. 337-338.
Amdeo M. Rea
House Sparrow Dispossesses Nesting Eastern Kingbirds. 338-339.
Michael R. Hurber, James B. Cope
First Specimens of Certain Thrushes and Vireos From New Mexico. 339.
John P. Hubbard
Wing-Flashing in the Black-And-White Fantail (Rhipidura Leucophrys). 340.
Burt L. Monroe Jr.,
The Occurrence of Unusually Small Eggs in Three Species of Songbirds. 340-342.
Stephen I. Rothstein
Physical Combat in the Brown-Headed Cowbird. 342-343.
Peter L. Mclaren
Bronzed Cowbird Extends Range Into the Texas Big Bend Country. 343-344.
Roland H. Wauer
Further Notes on Rosy Finches Wintering in Utah. 344-346.
William H. Behle
Leaf Bathing in Three Species of Emberizines. 346-347.
Luis F. Baptista
Double-Scratching and Terrestrial Locomotion in Emberizines: Some Complications. 348-350.
Jack P. Hailman
The Purple Finch Nests in Central Ohio. 350-351.
Maurice L. Giltz

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