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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 83, Number 4 (1971)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Hybrid Jays in Colorado. 343-346.
Olwen Williams, Pat Wheat
Parental Care and Nesting in the Rufous-Throated Antbird, Gymnopithys Rufigula, in Amapa, Brazil. 347-351.
Yoshika Oniki
Some New Perspectives on the Breeding Ecology of Common Grackles. 352-370.
Anthony J. Erskine
Size, Migration Pattern, and Structure of Fall and Early Winter Blackbird and Starling Populations in Western Oklahoma. 371-382.
Stephen V. Goddard
Seasonal Change in the Breeding Behavior of the Male Red-Winged Blackbird. 383-395.
Frank W. Peek
Some Patterns of Woodcock Activities on Maine Summer Fields. 396-407.
William B. Krohn
The Nesting, Reproductive Performance, and Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Residues in the Red-Tailed Hawk and Great Horned Owl in South-Central Montana. 408-418.
John C. Seidensticker Iv, Harry V. Reynolds Iii
The Three-Bird Chase in Mourning Doves. 419-424.
W. Reid Goforth
Field Criteria for Determining Incubation Stage in Eggs of the Common Tern. 425-429.
Helen Hays, Mary Lecroy
Some Views on Exotic Waterfowl. 430-434.
Eric G. Bolen
Ornithological News. 447.
Ornithological Literature. 448-453.
The Wilson Ornithological Society. 454.
Index to Volume 83, 1971. 455-468.
Bonnie Rose Mcbride

General Notes

Further Observations on Use of the Feet by Foraging Herons. 435-438.
Andrew J. Meyerriecks
Size Differences Between Ross' and Snow Goose Eggs at Karrak Lake, North-West Territories in 1968. 438-439.
John P. Ryder
Cassin's Sparrow Parasitized by Cowbird. 439.
Hugh E. Kingery, Paul R. Julian
Winter Nesting Attempts by Great-Tailed Grackles. 440.
Donald W. Coon, Robert F. Gotie, Keith A. Arnold
Bluebirds Successfully Nesting in House Under Construction. 440-441.
Amelia R. Laskey
Predation on Snakes by Eastern Bluebird and Brown Thrasher. 441.
Annette B. Flanigan
Clicking in the Egg-Young of the Long-Billed Curlew. 441-442.
Dennis M. Forsythe
Flashes of White in the Wings of Other Species Elicit Territorial Behavior in a Mockingbird. 442-443.
Helmut C. Mueller, Nancy S. Mueller
Robins Night-Roosting in Open Fields. 443-444.
William L. Anderson, Stanley L. Etter, G. Blair Joselyn
Further Notes on the Juvenal Plumage of the Spotted Rail (Rallus Maculatus). 444-446.
Robert W. Dickerman, F. Haverschmidt

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