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The Auk, Volume 22, Number 4 (1905)

4 (October)


The West Indian Parrots. 337-344.
Austin H. Clark.
The Greater Antillean Macaws. 345-348.
Austin H. Clark.
List of Birds Collected or Observed During the Bahama Expedition of the Geographic Society of Baltimore. 349-360.
J. H. Riley.
Are the Habits of Birds Changing?. 360-363.
Geo. F. Breninger.
A Third Trip to the High Sierras. 363-371.
Milton S. Ray.
The Direction of Flight in the Fall Migration at New Haven, Connecticut. 372-378.
Louis B. Bishop.
Summer Birds of Mount Pinos, California. 378-391.
Joseph Grinnell.
Notes on the Breeding of Bachman's Warbler, Helminthophila Bachmanii (Aud.), Near Charleston, South Carolina, With a Description of the First Plumage of the Species. 392-394.
William Brewster.
Notes on Certain Birds Taken or Seen Near Charleston, South Carolina. 395-400.
Arthur T. Wayne.
The Status of Certain Swainsonian Genera of Birds. 400-407.
J. A. Allen.
Notes and News. 439-447.
Index to Volume Xxii. 449-470.

General Notes

A Holb[Oe]Ll's Grebe (Colymbus Holb[Oe]Lli) at Englewood, N. J., in June. 407.
George E. Hix.
The Yellow-Billed Tropic Bird Near Phoenix, Arizona. 408.
Geo. F. Breninger.
Fregata Aquila at San Pablo Bay, California. 408.
Edward Winslow Gifford.
Brant's Nest. 408.
John E. Thayer.
A Brood of Albino Spoonbill Ducks (Spatula Clypeata). 408-409.
Ruthven Deane.
The Ruff at Camden, Maine. 409.
John E. Thayer.
Rare Ducks Near Bridgewater, Mass.. 409.
Arthur C. Dyke.
Rallus Elegans and Ionornis Martinica in Massachusetts. 409.
J. A. Farley.
The California Partridge (Callipepla Californica) in Los Angeles County, California. 410.
Arthur T. Wayne.
The Ruff (Pavoncella Pugnax) in Indiana. 410-411.
Ruthven Deane.
A Broken Pigeon's Leg That Healed Itself. 412-413.
Reginald Heber Howe, Jr.
Turkey Vulture (Cathartes Aura) in Michigan. 413.
Bradshaw H. Swales.
The Turkey Vulture in Western Massachusetts. 413.
Robert O. Morris.
The Gray Gyrfalcon in Wisconsin. 413-414.
W. E. Snyder.
Northern Pileated Woodpecker in Massachusetts. 414.
Lidian E. Bridge.
A Rare Plumage of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker (Campephilus Principalis). 414.
Arthur T. Wayne.
The Prairie Horned Lark (Otocoris Alpestris Praticola) on Mount Washington, N. H.. 414-415.
Bradford Torrey.
The Pine Siskin Breeding at Guelph, Ontario. 415.
A. B. Klugh.
The White-Throated Sparrow Breeding in Eastern Massachusetts. 415-416.
Francis H. Allen.
Nesting of Henslow's Sparrow in St. Clair Co., Michigan. 416.
J. Claire Wood.
The English Sparrow at Tucson, Arizona. 417.
Geo F. Breninger.
The Orange-Crowned Warbler (Helminthophila Celata) a Winter Resident in South Carolina. 417.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Cassin's Sparrow in Colorado. 417.
Edward R. Warren.
Brewster's Warbler (Helminthophila Leucobronchialis) at Englewood, N. J.. 417-418.
George E. Hix.
Myrtle Warbler at Cape Elizabeth, Maine, in January, 1905. 418.
W. H. Brownson.
Water-Thrush (Seiurus Noveboracensis) Nesting in Lancaster, Massachusetts. 418-419.
John E. Thayer.
The Louisiana Water-Thrush in Philadelphia in Summer. 419.
Charles H. Rogers.
The Redstart (Setophaga Ruticilla) a Resident in Dominica, West Indies. 419.
Austin H. Clark.
The Black-Fronted Warbler (Dendroica Auduboni Nigrifrons) in Southern California. 419.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Young Birds Killed By Trains. 419-420.
Chreswell J. Hunt.
Some Massachusetts Records of Interest. 420.
Arthur C. Comey.
Notes From Northwestern Connecticut. 420-421.
Edward Seymour Woodruff.
Two Records for Colorado. 421.
A. H. Felger.
Colorado Notes. 421-422.
Junius Henderson.
Some Wayne County, Michigan, Notes, 1905. 423-424.
J. Claire Wood.

Recent Literature

Stephens's 'Life Areas of California.'. 424-426.
J. A. Allen.
Chapman on the Life History of the American Flamingo. 426-427.
J. A. Allen.
Oberholser on Birds Collected in the Kilimanjaro Region, East Africa. 427.
J. A. Allen.
Mcgregor on Philippine Birds. 427-428.
J. A. Allen.
Hartert's 'Die V. 428-429.
J. A. Allen.
Clark on the Amount of Difference That Should Characterize Species and Subspecies. 429-434.
J. A. Allen.
Mascha's 'The Structure of Wing-Feathers. 434-435.
J. A. Allen.
Jacobs's West Virginia Bird Notes. 435.
J. A. Allen.
Howe's 'Fifty Common Birds of Vermont.'. 435-436.
J. A. Allen.
Oberholser on the Nomenclature of Certain Genera of Birds. 436-437.
J. A. Allen.
Forbush on the Decrease of Birds and Means for Their Protection. 437-438.
J. A. Allen.
Palmer on Game Protection. 438-439.
J. A. Allen.
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