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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 83, Number 3 (1971)

Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Ordinations of Habitat Relationships Among Breeding Birds. 215-236.
Frances C. James
Relations Between Lewis' and Red-Headed Woodpeckers in Southeastern Colorado. 237-248.
Carl E. Bock, Harlo H. Hadow, Preston Somers
Displays and Vocalizations of the Sparrow Hawk. 249-254.
Helmut C. Mueller
Breeding Biology of Purple Martins at the Northern Limit of their Range. 255-269.
J. Campbell Finlay
The Osteology and Taxonomic Position of the White-Backed Duck, Thalassornis Leuconotus. 270-277.
Robert J. Raikow
Measurement of Social Attractions Between Tropical Passerine Birds. 278-283.
Charles F. Leck
The Breeding Biology of Barn and Cliff Swallows in West Virginia. 284-301.
David E. Samuel
Ornithological News. 319.
Ornithological Literature. 320-329.
Publication Notes and Notices. 330.
Proceedings of the Fifty-Second Annual Meeting. 331-339.
Jeff Swinebroad
Study Projects. 340.

General Note

Some Observations on the Behavior of Whistling Herons. 302-303.
M. P. Kahl
Nestling Mortality in a Texas Heronry. 303-305.
David K. Goering, Ronald Cherry
Collisions with Wires-A Source of Anatid Mortality. 305-306.
George Cornwell, H. Albert Hochbaum
The Ruddy Turnstone As an Egg Predator. 306-308.
Kenneth C. Parkes, Helen Lapham
First Puerto Rican Record of the Antillean Palm Swift. 309-310.
Cameron B. Kepler
Some Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Kingbird Foraging-Flights. 310-311.
Charles F. Leck
Great Crested Flycatcher Observed Copulating with an Immature Eastern Bluebird. 312.
Fred J. Alsop Iii
Adaptive Behavior of Tits Which Have Lost One Eye. 312-313.
Martin A. Slessers
Range Extension of the Golden-Crowned Kinglet in New York. 313-316.
Robert F. Andrle
Starling Feeds Young Robins. 316-317.
Kathleen Green Skelton Herbert
An Aberrant Incubation Stimulus. 317.
John R. Haldeman
Bull Snake and Common Grackles. 317-318.
Robert J. Niedrach

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