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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 83, Number 2 (1971)

Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Pre-Attack Posture of the Red-Tailed Hawk. 115-123.
James W. Grier
Notes on the Life History of the Rusty-Margined Flycatcher in Surinam. 124-128.
F. Haverschmidt
An Extraordinary Autumn Migration of White-Breasted Nuthatches. 129-131.
Donald S. Heintzelman, Robert Macclay
Songs of Aimophila Sparrows Occurring in the United States. 132-151.
Donald J. Borror
The Breeding Success of Two Sympatric Gulls, the Herring Gull and the Great Black-Backed Gull. 152-158.
R. Michael Erwin
Reproductive Behavior of Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers I. Preference for Nesting in Fomes-Infected Aspens and Nest Hole Interrelations with Flying Squirrels, Raccoons, and Other Animals. 159-171.
Lawrence Kilham
Predation on an Inland Heronry in Eastern Texas. 172-177.
Reese J. Taylor, Edwin D. Michael
An Evaluation of Reported Reproductive Success in Red-Winged Blackbirds. 178-185.
William J. Francis
Publication Notes and Notices. 185.
Physical and Behavioral Development of a Roadrunner Raised at the National Zoological Park. 186-193.
Kerry A. Muller
Ornithological News. 205.
Ornithological Literature. 206-212.

General Notes

Additional Notes on Pre-Nesting and Nesting Behavior of the Swainson's Warbler. 194.
Brooke Meanley
Unusual Activity of Starlings at Yellow-Shafted Flicker Nest. 195-196.
Kenneth W. Prescott
The Junco As a Food Item for the Rough-Legged Hawk in Alaska. 196.
Sanford R. Leffler
Common Grackles Prey on Big Brown Bat. 196.
Claudine F. Long
Herring Gull Predation on Common Water Snake in Lake Erie. 196-197.
Peter Goldman
Turdus Grayi Feeding on Snake. 197.
J. Alan Feduccia
Predatory Behavior in Montezuma Oropendola. 197-198.
Larry L. Wolf
Blackpoll Warbler on Winter Quarters in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. 198-200.
Helmut Sick
The Humerus of the Early Miocene Cracid, Boreortalis Laesslei Brodkorb. 200-201.
Joel Cracraft
Birds Feeding on an Ant Mating Swarm in Maine. 201-202.
Richard A. Harlow Jr.
Nesting of Bell's Vireo in North Dakota. 202-203.
Edmund A. Hibbard, Paul D. Kline
Persistence of Remains of Birds Killed on Motor Highways. 203-204.
Paul A. Stewart

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