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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 83, Number 1 (1971)

Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Habitat and Habits of the Dwarf Jay, Aphelocoma Nana. 5-30.
John William Hardy
Variation in Plasma Proteins of Suboscine Birds. 31-34.
J. Alan Feduccia
Publication Notes and Notices. 34.
Social Organization of the Blue-Backed Manakin. 35-38.
D. W. Snow
A Study of Henslow's Sparrow in Michigan. 39-48.
Jerome D. Robins
Notes on Various Rails in Mexico. 49-56.
Robert W. Dickerman
Effects of the Arrival of a New Species Upon Habitat Utilization by Two Forest Thrushes in Maine. 57-65.
Douglass H. Morse
The Occurrence of Bill-Sweeping in the Terrestrial Foraging of Birds. 66-73.
George A. Clark, Jr.
Life History of the Broad-Billed Motmot, with Notes on the Rufous Motmot. 74-94.
Alexander F. Skutch
Ornithological News. 106.
Ornithological Literature. 107-112.

General Notes

Insecticide Residues in Little Blue Herons. 95-97.
Robert E. Greenberg, Paul L. Heye
Nesting Record of Mexican Duck (Anas Diazi) in Texas. 97.
Harry M. Ohlendorf, Robert F. Patton
Egg Turning by an Incubating Wood Duck. 97-99.
Paul A. Stewart
Spruce Grouse Attacked by a Northern Shrike. 99-100.
Laurence N. Ellison
Black-Necked Stilt Nesting in Delaware. 100.
Norman E. Holgersen
Pheasant Chases Fox. 101.
John Ludwig
Predation on a Netted Bird by Smooth-Billed Anis. 101-102.
Frank B. Gill, C. C. Stokes
Chipmunk Predation on Bank Swallows. 102.
Michael E. Ginevan
Seaside Sparrow Hits a Tv Tower Near Raleigh, North Carolina. 102-103.
William Post, Micou M. Browne
Nesting Habits of the Oregon Junco in Montana. 103-104.
Winton Weydemeyer
Large Number of Birds Exploiting a Fruit Tree in Surinam. 104-105.
F. Haverschmidt

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