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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 82, Number 3 (1970)

Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


The Nesting Ecology and Reproductive Performance of the Eastern Meadowlark. 243-267.
John L. Roseberry, W. D. Klimstra
Dominance-Subordination in Caged Groups of House Sparrows. 268-278.
John R. Watson
Avian Bill-Wiping. 279-288.
George A. Clark, Jr.
Egg Teeth and Hatching Methods in Some Alcids. 289-293.
Spencer G. Sealy
Growth Rates and Sex Ratios of Red-Winged Blackbird Nestlings. 294-303.
Larry C. Holcomb, Gilbert Twiest
Cowbird Parasitism and Nesting Success of Lark Sparrows in Southern Oklahoma. 304-309.
George A. Newman
Dust-Bathing Sites Selected by Ruffed Grouse. 310-314.
Dale Hein
Publication Notes and Notices. 314.
Observations on the Breeding Biology of the Vermilion Flycatcher in Arizona. 315-319.
Walter Kingsley Taylor, Hugh Hanson
Publication Notes and Notices. 319.
Ornithological News. 335.
Ornithological Literature. 336-342.
Proceedings of the Fifty-First Annual Meeting. 343-352.
Jeff Swinebroad

General Notes

Additional Notes on the Plumages of the Redhead (Aythya Americana). 320-323.
Milton W. Weller
Observations on Premigratory Movements of Hand-Reared Mallards. 323-324.
James J. Zohrer
Trumpeter Swan Carrying Young. 324-325.
Donald A. Hammer
Notes on the Foods of Juvenile Black-Bellied Tree Ducks. 325-326.
Eric G. Bolen, John J. Beecham
Successful Reconstruction of Active Bald Eagle Nest. 326-327.
Thomas C. Dunstan, Melvin Borth
Territorial Conflict in the American Woodcock. 327-328.
Frederic W. Davis
Chuck-Will's-Widow in Connecticut. 329.
Eugene S. Morton
Predation of a Black Rat Snake on Yellow-Shafted Flicker Nestlings. 329-330.
Jerome A. Jackson
Wing Flashing in a Brown Thrasher and Catbird. 330-331.
Edwin D. Michael
Re-Evaluation of Two Supposed Hybrid Birds. 331-332.
Richard C. Banks
The Avifauna of the Sand Draw Local Fauna (Aftonian) of Brown County, Nebraska. 332-334.
J. Alan Feduccia

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