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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 82, Number 2 (1970)

Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


The Habits and Relationships of the Magellanic Woodpecker. 115-129.
Lester L. Short
The Pomarine Jaeger As a Brown Lemming Predator in Northern Alaska. 130-157.
William J. Maher
A Population Estimate of the Dusky Seaside Sparrow. 158-166.
Brian Sharp
An Investigation of Territorial Behavior in the American Redstart Utilizing Recorded Songs. 167-176.
Roy A. Ickes, Millicent S. Ficken
The Winter Territories of Tufted Titmice. 177-183.
Ralph W. Condee
Food Habits and Feeding Behavior of the Baltimore Oriole in Costa Rica. 184-188.
Richard L. Timken
En Route Behavior of Homing Herring Gulls As Determined by Radio-Tracking. 189-200.
William E. Southern
Molt and Taxonomy of Red-Breasted Nuthatches. 201-205.
Richard C. Banks
A Comparative Study of the Foods of the Sora and Virginia Rail. 206-213.
Gerald J. Horak
A New Turkey From the Pliocene of Nebraska. 214-218.
Larry D. Martin, James Tate, Jr.
Ornithological News. 229.
Ornithological Literature. 230-239.
Publication Notes and Notices. 239-240.

General Notes

Conjoined Twin Darwin's Rhea. 219-220.
Donald Bruning
A Swimming Bald Eagle. 220.
Theodore R. Marrell, Jr.
Sharp-Tailed Grouse Gives Aggressive Display to Automobiles. 221-222.
Robert W. Nero
Ring-Billed Gull and Laughing Gull Catch Fish by Ploughing and Skimming.. 222-223.
Karl Eric Tolonen
A Putative Skeletal Specimen of the Flammulated Owl with Alabama Locality Data. 223-224.
Glen E. Woolfenden
The Double-Scratch in the Seaside Sparrow. 225.
Frank Enders
Nest-Building, Incubation Period, and Fledging in the Black-Chinned Humming-Bird. 225.
Salome Ross Demaree
Activity of Migrant Thrushes As Determined by Radio-Telemetry. 225-226.
Charles G. Kjos, William W. Cochran
First Specimens of Chestnut-Collared Longspur and Little Gull From Connecticut. 226-227.
Walter Bulmer
Circle-Soaring by Migrating Nighthawks. 227.
Helmut C. Mueller
Method of Searching for Food by the Swainson's Warbler. 228.
Brooke Meanley
Rufous-Crowned Tanagers Feeding on Fruitbowl. 228.
F. Haverschmidt

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