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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 82, Number 1 (1970)

Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


A Possible Factor in the Evolution of Clutch Size in Ross' Goose. 5-13.
John P. Ryder
Oological Data on Egg and Breeding Characteristics of Brown Pelicans. 14-28.
Daniel W. Anderson, Joseph J. Hickey
Niche Overlap in Feeding Assemblages of New Guinea Birds. 29-52.
John Terborgh, Jared M. Diamond
An Appraisal of the Song of the Black-Capped Chickadee. 53-62.
Keith L. Dixon, Raymond A. Stefanski
Status and Speciation in the Mexican Duck (Anas Diazi). 63-73.
John W. Aldrich, Kenard P. Baer
Parasitism by the Brown-Headed Cowbird on a Brown Thrasher and a Catbird. 74-78.
Robert M. Mengel, Marion Anne Jenkinson
High Density of Birds Breeding in a Modified Deciduous Forest. 79-82.
David W. Johnston
Indexing Population Densities of the Cardinal with Tape-Recorded Song. 83-91.
Douglas D. Dow
Ornithological News. 104.
Ornithological Literature. 105-112.

General Notes

On the Validity of Some Supposed First State Records From Yucatan. 92-95.
Kenneth C. Parkes
High Density Mallard Nesting on a South Dakota Island. 95-96.
Rod C. Drewien, Larry F. Fredrickson
Courtship Display Observed Between Two Species of Buteos. 96-97.
Bruce R. Wolhuter, Frank Kish
Food Habits of Wintering Sparrow Hawks in Costa Rica. 97-98.
Robert E. Jenkins
Marsh Hawk Chases Crows Mobbing Owl. 98-99.
William E. Southern
Ruddy Turnstones Making Use of Yellow-Crowned Night Herons for Food-Finding. 99.
F. Haverschmidt
Common Terns Pirating Fish on Great Gull Island. 99-100.
Helen Hays
Sand-Kicking Camouflages Young Black Skimmers. 100.
Helen Hays, Grace Donaldson
Barn Owls Hunting by Daylight in Surinam. 101.
F. Haverschmidt
Food Preferences of a Hand-Raised Blue Jay. 101-102.
A. R. Weisbrod
A White-Throated Sparrow Nest in Western Pennsylvania. 102-103.
Ted Grisez

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