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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 81, Number 4 (1969)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


On the Behavior of Five Species of Rhegmatorhina, Ant-Following Antbirds of the Amazon Basin. 363-395.
Edwin O. Willis
Reproductive Success of the Wood Thrush in a Delaware Woodlot. 396-406.
Jerry R. Longcore, Robert E. Jones
Physiological Susceptibility of Robins to Ddt Poisoning. 407-418.
L. Barrie Hunt
Annual Activity Patterns of Caged Non-Migratory White-Crowned Sparrows. 419-440.
Robert W. Smith, Irene L. Brown, L. Richard Mewaldt
Energy Responses of Birds to their Thermal Environments. 441-449.
S. Charles Kendeigh
Mortality of Coots During Severe Spring Weather. 450-453.
Leigh H. Fredrickson
Unusual Nesting Habitats of Three Bird Species in Rondeau Provincial Park, Ontario. 454-459.
Walter P. Nickell
Ornithological News. 473-474.
Ornithological Literature. 475-481.
Publication Notes and Notices. 481-482.
The Wilson Ornithological Society Officers, 1969. 483.
Index to Volume 81, 1969. 484-496.
Mildred Stewart, Tanya Hall

General Notes

Birds of St. Giles Islands, Tobago. 460-463.
James J. Dinsmore, Richard P. Ffrench
Glossy Ibis Taken in Indiana. 463-464.
Russell E. Mumford, Larry E. Lehman
Breeding Status of Whistling Swans Near Churchill, Manitoba. 464-465.
Allan J. Pakulak, Carroll D. Littlefield
Eider Hatching Goose Egg. 465-466.
Bernard C. Lieff
Shell Color of Eggs Laid by Yearling, 2-, and 3-Year-Old Pheasants. 466-467.
Ronald F. Labisky, Gary L. Jackson
The Drowning of Bobwhites in a Large Reservoir. 467.
James W. Mullan, Richard L. Applegate
Renesting by Barn and Great Horned Owls. 467-468.
Carl D. Marti
Foraging Association of Green-Barred Flickers and Campo Flickers in Argentina. 468-470.
Lester L. Short, Jr.
Red-Bellied Woodpecker Feeds Tufted Titmouse. 470.
James R. Curry
A Carolina Wren Shadow-Boxing. 470.
Hervey Brackbill
Robin Kills Snake. 470-471.
William F. Davis
Recurrent Use of Territories by Individual American Redstarts. 471.
Ruth M. Yarrow
Does the Robin Eat Dekay's Snake?. 471.
M. Graham Netting
Unusual Feeding Behavior of Three Species of Birds. 472.
Warren M. Pulich

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