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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 81, Number 3 (1969)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Spring Migration and Weather at Madison, Wisconsin. 235-245.
Steven G. Curtis
Pre-Nesting and Nesting Behavior of the Swainson's Warbler. 246-257.
Brooke Meanley
Tower-Killed Specimens and Observations of Migrant Birds From Grand Bahama Island. 258-263.
Herbert W. Kale, Ii, Margaret H. Hundley, James A. Tucker
Observations of Birds Exploiting a Central American Fruit Tree. 264-269.
Charles F. Leck
Oral Flanges of Juvenile Birds. 270-279.
George A. Clark, Jr.
Variation in Major Body Components of the Tree Sparrow (Spizella Arborea) Sampled Within the Winter Range. 280-292.
Carl W. Helms, Robert B. Smythe
Territorial Behavior and Population Regulation in Birds. 293-329.
Jerram L. Brown
Publication Notes and Notices. 342.
Ornithological News. 343.
Ornithological Literature. 344-352.
Publication Notes and Notices. 352.
Proceedings of the Fiftieth Annual Meeting. 353-360.
Jeff Swinebroad

General Notes

An Apparent Agonistic Display of the Whistling Heron (Syrigma Sibilatrix). 330-331.
Lester L. Short, Jr.,
Use of Man-Made Islands As Nesting Sites of the Common Loon. 331.
John E. Mathisen
Egg Transportation by a Female Mallard. 331-332.
Alphonse Avitabile
A Record of the Tufted Duck for Connecticut. 332.
George T. Austin
Great Horned Owl Nesting in a Populated Area. 332-333.
Edwin C. Franks, John E. Warnock
The Nest, Eggs, and Young of the Elepaio. 333-335.
Andrew J. Berger
An Unusual Nest Site of the Starling. 335-336.
Luis F. Baptista
Fall and Winter Food Habits of Red-Winged Blackbirds and Brown-Headed Cowbirds in Western Oklahoma. 336-337.
Stephen V. Goddard
Sharp-Tailed Sandpiper and Palm Warbler in Alaska. 337-338.
Joseph W. Taylor
Responses of Three Avian Species to Burning. 338-339.
William R. Edwards, Jack A. Ellis
Functional Gonads in Peregrines. 339-340.
Clayton M. White
Insecticide Residues in Least Bittern Eggs. 340-341.
M. Keith Causey, Jerry B. Graves
On Abnormally Crossed Mandibles in Birds. 342.
Kenneth C. Parkes

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