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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 80, Number 4 (1968)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Vocalizations of the Green and Solitary Sandpipers. 395-420.
Lewis W. Oring
Observations on Behavior of Sandhill Cranes. 421-425.
J. M. Harvey, B. C. Lieff, C. D. Macinnes, J. P. Prevett
Seasonal Changes in Body Weight and Fat and the Relation of Fatty Acid Composition to Diet in the Willow Ptarmigan. 426-441.
George C. West, Martha S. Meng
Territorial Relationships of Blue-Winged Warblers, Golden-Winged Warblers, and their Hybrids. 442-451.
Millicent S. Ficken, Robert W. Ficken
Habitat Selection: Differences in Stereotypy Between Insular and Continental Birds. 452-457.
David H. Sheppard, Peter H. Klopfer, Hans Oelke
Ecological Factors Contributing to Nesting Failure in a Heron Colony. 458-466.
Julian L. Dusi, Rosemary T. Dusi
The Maintenance Behavior of the Black-Crowned Night Heron. 467-478.
George R. Maxwell, Loren S. Putnam
Species and Abundance of Diurnal Raptors in the Panhandle of Nebraska. 479-486.
John E. Mathisen, Ann Mathisen
Ornithological News. 498-499.
Ornithological Literature. 500-513.
Index to Volume 80, 1968. 514-525.
Mildred Stewart, Tanya Hall

General Notes

An Eared Grebe Specimen From Coastal Virginia. 487.
P. A. Buckley
An Ohio Record of the Magnificent Frigatebird (Fregata Magnificens). 487-488.
Milton B. Trautman, Thomas W. Nye
Atypical Behavior of a Green-Winged Teal. 488.
William Threlfall
Specimen of the Harlequin Duck in Florida. 488-489.
Lovett E. Williams, Jr.,
Some Observations of Social Hierarchy in the Wild Turkey. 489-490.
Samuel L. Beasom
The Whooping Crane From the Lower Pleistocene of Arizona. 490.
Joel Cracraft
Bar-Tailed Godwit From Alaska Recovered in New Zealand. 490-491.
Robert L. Delong, Max C. Thompson
Ploughing for Fish by the Greater Yellowlegs. 491-492.
Richard L. Zusi
Sabine's Gull in North Dakota. 493.
Roger L. Kroodsma
Comments on Reproduction of the Common Grackle in Central Illinois. 493-494.
Charles A. Long, Claudine F. Long
Allopreening Invitation Display of a Brown-Headed Cowbird to Cardinals Under Natural Conditions. 494-495.
Douglas D. Dow
A Maine Nest of the Scarlet Tanager. 495.
Barbara Patterson, Reginald Allen
Lark Bunting in New Jersey. 495.
Mabel Warburton
The Association of Invading White-Winged Crossbills with a Southern Tree. 496-497.
William G. George

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