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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 80, Number 2 (1968)

Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


The Breeding Biology of Smith's Longspur. 123-149.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.
Agonistic Interactions Between Blue-Winged and Brewster's Warblers. 150-160.
Andrew J. Meyerriecks, James Baird
Courtship of Blue-Winged Warblers, Golden-Winged Warblers, and their Hybrids. 161-172.
Millicent S. Ficken, Robert W. Ficken
Distributional Changes and Interaction Between Prairie Chickens and Sharp-Tailed Grouse in the Midwest. 173-188.
Paul A. Johnsgard, Robert E. Wood
Notes on Some Argentine Anatids. 189-212.
Milton W. Weller
Complex Interactions Between Clapper Rails and Laughing Gulls. 213-219.
Amelia Segre, Jack P. Hailman, C. G. Beer
The Use of Tools by Brown-Headed Nuthatches. 220-224.
Douglass H. Morse
A Comparison of Migration Between Blackbirds and Starlings. 225-227.
Don P. Fankhauser
Ornithological News. 238.
Ornithological Literature. 239-246.
Publication Notes and Notices. 247-248.

General Notes

Breeding of the Trumpeter Swan at the Madison, Wisconsin, Lakes. 228-229.
A. W. Schorger
Mottled Ducks in Kansas. 229-230.
Merril G. Mchenry
Chuck-Will's-Widow and Wood Ibis in Central Illinois. 230.
T. E. Musselman
Foraging Dives by Surface-Feeding Ducks. 231.
Janet Kear, Paul A. Johnsgard
Records of the Snowy Owl for Utah. 231-232.
William H. Behle
Breeding Range Extension of Saw-Whet Owl in West Virginia. 232.
Ralph M. Edeburn
Budgerigar Winters in the Open in Michigan. 233.
Walter P. Nickell
An Unusual Nesting Situation of the Tree Swallow. 233.
Allen H. Benton
Further Observations on Foster-Feeding by Purple Martins. 234-235.
William E. Southern
Yellow-Green Vireo Collected in Texas. 235.
Eugene Eisenmann, James I. Richardson, George I. Child
A Slate-Colored Junco Display. 236.
Hervey Brackbill
Yellow-Headed Blackbird Nesting in Southern Ontario. 236-237.
Mark Sawyer, M. I. Dyer
Black-Throated Gray Warbler and Virginia's Warbler Banded in New Jersey. 237.
Bruce Adams

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