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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 79, Number 4 (1967)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Bird Populations of Bogs. 371-396.
Richard Brewer
Fall Migration of Sharp-Shinned Hawks. 397-415.
Helmut C. Mueller, Daniel D. Berger
Selection for a Delayed Simultaneous Wing Molt in Loons (Gaviidae). 416-420.
Glen E. Woolfenden
Roosting Behavior of the Herring Gull in Central Maine. 421-431.
Ralph W. Schreiber
Variation in the Breeding Season and Clutch-Size of the Robin in the Northeastern United States and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. 432-440.
Deborah V. Howard
Care, Food Consumption, and Behavior of Bald Eagles Used in Ddt Tests. 441-448.
Nicholas J. Chura, Paul A. Stewart
The President's Page. 459.
Aaron M. Bagg
Ornithological News. 460.
Annual Report of the Conservation Committee. 461-462.
Roland C. Clement
Ornithological Literature. 463-471.
Index to Volume 79, 1967. 472-489.
Mildred Stewart, Tanya Hall

General Notes

Goshawk Predation on Sharp-Tailed Grouse in the Nebraska Sandhills. 449.
Lawrence J. Blus
Regurgitation by Killdeer As a Possible Means of Dispersal for Seeds and Aquatic Organisms. 449-450.
Victor L. De Vlaming
Mourning Dove Egg in Nests of Catbird and Robin. 450-451.
Larry C. Holcomb
Overlapping Nestings by a Pair of Barn Owls. 451-452.
Peter L. Ames
A Possible Case of Egg Transport by a Chuck-Will's-Widow. 452-453.
Denzel E. Ferguson
Nest Site Movements of a Poor-Will. 453.
Raymond N. Evans
The Amphirhinal Condition in the Passeriformes. 453-455.
J. Alan Feduccia
A Common Grackle Learning to Soak Bread. 455-456.
A. L. Rand
Prealternate Molt in the Summer Tanager. 456-458.
Kenneth C. Parkes

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