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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 79, Number 3 (1967)

Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Ecology of the Nesting Birds of the Mccurtain Game Preserve, Oklahoma. 259-272.
William A. Carter
Observations on Bird Distribution and Feeding Assemblages Along the Rio Callaria, Department of Loreto, Peru. 273-282.
Jared M. Diamond, John W. Terborgh
Reproductive Success of Red-Winged Blackbirds in North Central Oklahoma. 283-289.
Stephen V. Goddard, Veryl V. Board
Behavioral Stereotypy in Birds. 290-300.
Peter H. Klopfer
Some Courtship Displays of the Golden-Winged Warbler. 301-306.
James Baird
Food and Feeding Habits of Autumn Migrant Shorebirds at a Small Midwestern Pond. 307-315.
William S. Brooks
Ciconia Maltha and Grus Americana From the Upper Pliocene of Idaho. 316-318.
J. Alan Feduccia
Seed-Size Preference in Chickadees and Titmice in Relation to Ambient Temperature. 319-321.
Becky A. Myton, Robert W. Ficken
Additional Observations on the Structure of Unusual Feather Tips. 322-327.
Alan H. Brush
The Influence of Vocal Behavior on the Performer's Testicular Activity in Budgerigars (Melopsittacus Undulatus). 328-334.
Barbara F. Brockway
An Improved Cage Design for Experimentation with Passeriform Birds. 335-338.
Elden W. Martin
Announcement. 349.
The President's Page. 350.
Ornithological News. 351.
Ornithological Literature. 352-357.
Proceedings of the Forty-Eighth Annual Meeting. 358-368.
Pershing B. Hofslund

General Notes

Flightless Green-Winged Teal in Southeast Missouri. 339.
John P. Rogers
Disgorging of Food by Wood Ducks. 339-340.
Paul A. Stewart
Buff-Breasted Sandpiper in Northwestern Ohio. 340.
Richard S. Phillips
Egg Teeth and Hatching Methods of the Long-Billed Curlew. 340-341.
Dennis M. Forsythe
Foreign Eggs in Nests of California Gulls. 341.
Kees Vermeer
Bonaparte's Gull Feeding on Walnut Meat. 341.
Robert C. Frohling
Predation by the Chuck-Will's-Widow Upon Migrating Warblers. 342.
Oscar T. Owre
Josselyn Van Tyne's Common Nighthawk Nesting Return. 343.
Andrew J. Berger
Retarded or Arrested Cranial Development in Myiornis Ecaudatus. 343-344.
Raymond Mcneil, Aida Martinez
The Gaping Response of Nestling Bank Swallows. 344-345.
George W. Fulk
Seasonal Variation in Bill Length of House Sparrows. 345-346.
Gary C. Packard
Unusual Activities of a House Sparrow and a Blue Jay at a Tufted Titmouse Nest. 346-347.
Kenneth W. Prescott
Extralimital Breeding of Painted Buntings in Florida. 347.
John C. Ogden, Frank L. Chapman
Goldfinch Accept Young After Long and Short Incubation. 348.
Larry C. Holcomb
New Status for the Rufous-Crowned Sparrow in Utah. 348-349.
Roland H. Wauer

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