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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 78, Number 3 (1966)

Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Reproductive Behavior of Hairy Woodpeckers I. Pair Formation and Courtship. 251-265.
Lawrence Kilham
The Coexistence of Two Wren Species of the Genus Thryothorus. 266-278.
P. R. Grant
Reaction to Predators in the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. 279-282.
David W. Dunham
Red-Winged Blackbird Nestling Development. 283-288.
Larry C. Holcomb
Breeding-Range Expansion of the Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher Into Missouri and in Other States. 289-300.
Alexander Carl Warner
Illumination and Wood Duck Roosting Flights. 301-308.
Dale Hein, Arnold O. Haugen
Renesting Behavior in the Ring-Necked Pheasant. 309-315.
John M. Gates
The President's Page. 323.
Ornithological News. 324.
Ornithological Literature. 325-331.
Proceedings of the Forty-Seventh Annual Meeting. 332-340.
Pershing B. Hofslund
The Wilson Ornithological Society Membership Roll. 341-376.

General Notes

Herons Leaving the Water to Defecate. 316.
Hervey Brackbill
Distributional Notes on Costa Rican Birds. 316-317.
Keith A. Arnold
Mallard Predation by a Goshawk. 317-318.
John P. Rogers
An Attack and Riding of a Red-Tailed Hawk. 318.
J. Leland Hepworth
Running Speed of Bobwhite. 318.
Paul A. Stewart
Caspian Tern Feeding Upon Carrion. 319.
Richard L. Cunningham
The Migration and Wintering of the Upland Plover in Surinam. 319-320.
F. Haverschmidt
The Nestling Period of the Great Crested Flycatcher. 320.
Andrew J. Berger
Ancient Murrelet in Michigan. 320.
Eldon D. Greij
Pilot Black Snake Predation on the Long-Billed Marsh Wren. 321.
Roger Clapp, Tina C. Abbott
Nesting Record of the Hermit Thrush in the Black Hills. 321-322.
Dale W. Greiner, Bob Neill
Returns of Kirtland's Warblers Banded As Nestlings. 322.
Bruce E. Radabaugh, Floyd E. Radabaugh, Clarice A. Radabaugh

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