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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 76, Number 2 (1964)

Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Bald Eagles Wintering in the Southern Gulf Islands, British Columbia. 111-120.
David Hancock
Additional Observations on Winter Bald Eagle Populations: Including Remarks on Biotelemetry Techniques and Immature Plumages. 121-137.
William E. Southern
The Summer Birds of the Toxaway River Gorge of Southwestern North Carolina. 138-146.
James F. Parnell, Thomas L. Quay
Additional Records of Avian Egg Teeth. 147-154.
Kenneth C. Parkes, George A. Clark, Jr.
Nocturnal Roosts of Migrating Shorebirds. 155-159.
Jeff Swinebroad
The Evolution of Diversity in Avian Territorial Systems. 160-169.
Jerram L. Brown
Reproductive Displays of the Warbling Vireo. 170-173.
David W. Dunham
John James Audubon and Juvenile Evening Grosbeaks. 174-178.
Benjamin M. Shaub
Notes on the Destruction of Banded Evening Grosbeaks in Quebec in 1960. 179-185.
B. M. Shaub
Ornithological News. 191-192.
Josselyn Van Tyne Memorial Library. 192.
Special Review. 193-203.
Ornithological Literature. 204-207.
Publication Notes and Notices. 208.

General Notes

A Roosting Area of the Bald Eagle in Northern Utah. 186-187.
John F. Swisher, Jr.
Unseasonable Record of Gannet in North Carolina. 187.
William H. Adams
Observations on Sun-Bathing in the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo. 187.
Joel Lester Cracraft
Migration and Habitat of the Long-Billed Dowitcher on the Coast of Georgia and South Carolina. 188-189.
Ivan R. Tomkins
Nest-Site Selection in the American Redstart. 189-190.
Millicent S. Ficken
Predation Upon Flightless Ducks. 190.
Lewis W. Oring

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