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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 76, Number 1 (1964)

Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


A Note on the Toucans of Northern Argentina. 5.
Don R. Eckelberry
Spring Migration of Blue Jays at Madison, Wisconsin. 6-9.
A. W. Schorger
The 1961 Irruption of the Clark's Nutcracker in California. 10-18.
John Davis, Laidlaw Williams
The Alleged Transportation of Its Eggs or Young by the Chuck-Will's-Widow. 19-27.
Albert F. Ganier
Notes on Incubation and Nestling Temperatures and Behavior of Captive Owls. 28-36.
Thomas R. Howell
Constancy of Incubation for the Scarlet Tanager. 37-42.
Kenneth W. Prescott
Fossil Ibises From the Rexroad Fauna of the Upper Pliocene of Kansas. 43-49.
Charles T. Collins
Bill Shape As a Generic Character in the Cardinals. 50-61.
Walter J. Bock
Nesting of Purple Martins Aboard a Ship. 62-67.
Herbert W. Kale Ii
History of the Carolina Parakeet in Its Southwestern Range. 68-93.
Daniel Mckinley
Ornithological News. 100.
Ornithological Literature. 101-108.

General Notes

Brown-Headed Cowbird Fledged in Barn Swallow Nest. 94.
Walter P. Nickell
The Effects of Probable Frostbite on the Feet of Mourning Doves Wintering in Southern Michigan. 94-95.
Walter P. Nickell
Nesting Association of Pileated Woodpecker and Yellow-Shafted Flicker in a Utility Pole. 95-96.
Sanford D. Schemnitz
Brown-Headed Cowbird Fledged in Nest of Black-Throated Blue Warbler. 96.
Walter P. Nickell
Tanagra Trinitatis on Tobago, West Indies. 96-97.
Norman B. Pilling, Robert W. Trowern
Renesting of a Wild Pheasant Hen. 97-98.
John E. Warnock, G. Blair Joselyn
Albinism in the Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher. 98.
J. David Ligon
Sight Record of the Glossy Ibis for the Bass Islands, Lake Erie, Ohio. 98.
Loren Putnam, George Maxwell, Stephen Tilley
Whimbrel: First Specimens for Kansas. 99.
David F. Parmelee

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