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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 75, Number 4 (1963)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


A Note on the Jays of Northern Argentina. 341.
Don R. Eckelberry
Maintenance Behavior of the American Goldfinch. 342-357.
Ellen L. Coutlee
The Biology and Population Structure of Starlings at an Urban Roost. 358-372.
William L. Thompson, Ellen L. Coutlee
Courtship in the Ring-Necked Duck. 373-375.
S. Dillon Ripley
Comparative Behavior of the Yellow-Headed Blackbird, Red-Winged Blackbird, and Other Icterids. 376-413.
Robert W. Nero
The Mockingbird's Tail-Up Display to Mammals Near the Nest. 414-417.
Jack P. Hailman
Regulation of Nesting Time and Distribution in the House Wren. 418-427.
S. Charles Kendeigh
Comparison of Fat Levels in Migrating Birds Killed at a Central Michigan and a Florida Gulf Coast Television Tower. 428-434.
Larry D. Caldwell, Eugene P. Odum, Shirley G. Marshall
Heart Weights of Some Alaskan Birds. 435-446.
David W. Johnston
Ornithological News. 463.
Editorial-In Appreciation. 464.
Ornithological Literature. 465-472.
Index to Volume 75, 1963. 473-488.

General Notes

Chimney Perching for Warmth in Starlings. 447-449.
Richard Brewer
Carolina Wren's Ability to Survive During Severe Winters. 449.
Woodward H. Brown
Distributional Data on Uncommon Birds in Utah and Adjacent States. 450-456.
William H. Behle, John B. Bushman, Clayton M. White
Production of Sterile Eggs in the Dickcissel. 456.
Charles A. Long
An Unusual Mallard Nest. 457-458.
Robert A. Mccabe
Chimney Swifts Gathering Insects Off the Surface of a Pond. 458.
Wallace N. Macbriar, Jr.
Blue Jay Attacks Cowbird Nestling. 459.
Kenneth W. Prescott
Unusual Behavior of a Northern Shrike. 459-460.
Clayton M. White
Migrant Cape May Warbler Apparently Carrying Nest Material. 460-461.
Val Nolan, Jr.
Prey of a Sparrow Hawk Family When Raising Young. 461.
Donald H. Lamore
Brown Thrashers Nesting in a Cavity of a Tree. 462.
Walter K. Taylor

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