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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 75, Number 2 (1963)

Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Breeding Success of the Cowbird. 115-122.
Howard Young
Changes in the Reproductive Activity of the Brown-Headed Cowbird Within the Breeding Season. 123-129.
D. M. Scott
Aspects of Cowbird Parasitism in Southern Oklahoma. 130-139.
John A. Wiens
Range Expansion of the Cardinal and Other Birds in the Northeastern States. 140-158.
Barbara G. Beddall
Some Ecological Notes on the Grasshopper Sparrow. 159-165.
Robert Leo Smith
Copulation in the Pied-Billed Grebe. 166-173.
Nancy M. Mcallister, Robert W. Storer
The Supposed Migratory Status of the Flammulated Owl. 174-178.
Ned K. Johnson
Elf Owl Rediscovered in Lower Rio Grande Delta of Texas. 179-182.
Pauline James, Allan Hayse
Polymorphism in the Screech Owl in Eastern North America. 183-190.
D. F. Owen
An Examination of Some Interpretations of Molt with Added Data From Progesterone and Thyroxine. 191-197.
Mary Juhn
Ornithological News. 207.
Conservation Section: Kirtland's Warbler Management. 208-215.
Robert Radtke, John Byelich
Conservation Section: Establishment of Preserves for the Kirtland's Warbler in the State and National Forests of Michigan. 216-220.
Harold F. Mayfield
Ornithological Literature. 221-224.

General Notes

A Royal Tern Choked by a Fish. 198.
Ivan R. Tomkins
Fulvous Tree Ducks in Michigan. 198.
George S. Hunt
A Tropical Feeding Tree. 199-200.
Hugh C. Land
Mockingbird Nesting in Spanish Moss in Orange County, Florida. 200.
Charles E. Carter
A Second Probable Hybrid Between the Scarlet and Western Tanagers. 201-203.
Robert M. Mengel
Interspecific Relations Among Red-Bellied and Hairy Woodpeckers and a Flying Squirrel. 203-204.
David W. Stickel
Le Conte's Sparrow Wintering in Northern Illinois. 204.
Seymour H. Levy
Behavior of Peruvian Martins on Warm Surface. 205.
Lovie M. Whitaker
Late Spring Record of the Common Redpoll in Northern Illinois. 205.
Seymour H. Levy
Ruffed Grouse From the Pleistocene of Saskatchewan. 206.
Robert D. Weigel

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