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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 75, Number 1 (1963)

Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Alexander Wilson Ansa Valisineria. 5.
George Miksch Sutton
Selective Feeding by Wild Ducklings of Different Species. 6-14.
Nicholas E. Collias, Elsie C. Collias
Behavioral Aspects of Habitat Selection: the Role of Early Experience. 15-22.
Peter Klopfer
A Russian Contribution to Anting and Feather Mites. 23-26.
Leon Kelso, Margaret M. Nice
Breeding and the Annual Cycle in Three Trinidad Thrushes. 27-41.
D. W. Snow, B. K. Snow
Winter Populations, Behavior, and Seasonal Dispersal of Bald Eagles in Northwestern Illinois. 42-55.
William E. Southern
Fall Migration and Weather, a Radar Study. 56-77.
Sylvia Sue Hassler, Richard R. Graber, Frank C. Bellrose
Use of Minnesota Ponds and Pits by Waterfowl. 78-82.
Hans G. Uhlig
On the Yellow-Billed Loon. 83-87.
George Miksch Sutton
Ornithological News. 97.
Ornithological Literature. 98-111.
Publication Notes and Notices. 112.

General Notes

North American Herring Gulls Nesting on a Building. 88.
Raymond A. Paynter, Jr.,
Notes on Behavior of a Cooper's Hawk. 88-89.
H. Granville Smith
Unusual Feeding Tactic by a Migrant Myrtle Warbler. 89.
Donald E. Kunkle
Diurnal Feeding Periodicity of Juvenile Mallards. 90.
Nicholas J. Chura
Diving Times of a Common Goldeneye. 91.
Donald S. Heintzelman
The First Record for Puerto Rico of the Nest of the Scarlet-Cheeked Weaver Finch. 91.
Virgilio Biaggi, Jr.,
White Pelicans Breeding in Colorado. 92.
Ronald A. Ryder, Jack R. Grieb
Altitude Record for Mallard. 92.
Richard H. Manville
An Unusual Location for a Clapper Rail. 93.
Bruce Glick
Population Density of Sparrow Hawks in Eastern Pennsylvania. 93.
Alexander C. Nacy
The Lesser Black-Backed Gull in Indiana. 93.
Russell E. Mumford, Warren S. Rowe
Dual Wood Duck Occupancy of a Nesting Box. 94-95.
Robert W. Fuller, Eric Bolen
Cattle Egrets in North Central Pennsylvania. 95.
G. E. Grube
A Partial Albino Wood Pewee. 95.
Emil K. Urban
Nest Buildup by a Pheasant Hen. 96.
Ronald F. Labisky

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