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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 74, Number 3 (1962)

Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


The Predation of Goshawks Upon Ruffed Grouse on the Cloquet Forest Research Center, Minnesota. 227-242.
Robert L. Eng, Gordon W. Gullion
Behavior of the Purple Martin. 243-262.
Richard F. Johnston, John William Hardy
Occurrence of Eastern Encephalitis Virus in House Sparrows. 263-266.
L. N. Locke, J. E. Scanlon, R. J. Byrne, J. O. Knisley, Jr.
A Collection of Birds From the Sierra De Las Minas, Guatemala. 267-283.
Hugh C. Land
Ornithological News. 291.
Ornithological Literature. 292-304.
Proceedings of the Forty-Third Annual Meeting. 305-312.
Aaron M. Bagg
The Wilson Ornithological Society Membership Roll. 313-344.

General Notes

Attempted Re-Use of Old Nest by Chimney Swift. 284-285.
Ralph W. Dexter
Injured Western Gulls. 285-286.
Jodi Bennett, Mary M. Erickson
A Nesting of Amazonian Terns and Skimmers. 286-287.
F. W. Preston
Lesser Nighthawk in Oklahoma. 287-288.
W. Marvin Davis
Red Phalarope in West Virginia. 288.
George H. Breiding
Grasshopper Sparrow Wintering in Central Missouri. 288.
David A. Easterla
Specimens of Unusual Indiana Birds. 288-289.
Russell E. Mumford
Recent Sight Record of Kirtland's Warbler in the Bahamas. 290.
David Challinor, Jr.

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