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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 74, Number 2 (1962)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


The Constancy of Incubation. 115-152.
Alexander F. Skutch
Maintenance Activities of the American Redstart. 153-165.
Millicent S. Ficken
The Hatching Muscle in Franklin's Gull. 166-172.
Harvey I. Fisher
Noteworthy Records of Birds From the Republic of Mexico. 173-176.
Max C. Thompson
Why Do Birds Sing?. 177-182.
Olaus J. Murie
Ornithological News. 192-193.
Letter to the Editor. 193-196.
Ornithological Literature. 197-204.
Annual Report of the Conservation Committee. 205-224.
Thomas G. Scott

General Notes

A Catbird Helper at a House Wren Nest. 183-184.
Val Nolan, Jr., Raymond Schneider
Meadowlark Killed by Electric Fence. 184.
James Tate, Jr.
Wing Length, Body Weight, and Geography. 185.
D. F. Owen
A Count of Bald Eagles Summering Along a Shallow New England Lake. 186-187.
Walter R. Spofford
Anting Behavior of a Wood Thrush with a Snail. 187.
John K. Terres
A Prolonged Starling Fight. 187-189.
James Baird
Dowitcher Attacks Willet. 189.
E. I. Stearns
An Opossum-Titmouse Incident. 189-190.
John W. Goertz
An Unusual Brown Thrasher Fatality. 190-191.
Denzel E. Ferguson
Observations of Birds Feeding on Overwintering Corn Borer. 191.
Don Fankhauser

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