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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 74, Number 1 (1962)

Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Comparative Growth and Plumage Development in Coturnix and Bobwhite. 5-27.
David L. Lyon
Molt, Age Determination, and Annual Cycle in the Cuban Bobwhite. 28-42.
George E. Watson
Breeding Biology of the Gadwall in Northern Utah. 43-67.
John M. Gates
Food Habits and Feeding Behavior of the White-Eyed Vireo. 68-73.
Van Nolan, Jr., David P. Wooldridge
Weight Characteristics of Birds Killed in Nocturnal Migration. 74-88.
Richard R. Graber, Jean W. Graber
Ornithological News. 102-103.
Josselyn Van Tyne Memorial Library. 103.
Ornithological Literature. 104-112.

General Notes

Red-Tailed Hawk Attacks Long-Eared Owl. 89.
Charles T. Collins
Red-Winged Blackbird Killing a Sharp-Tailed Sparrow. 89-90.
Carl W. Helms
Breeding of Red-Winged Blackbird in Captivity. 90.
David Kenneth Wetherbee
Feeding Behavior of the Red-Winged Blackbird in the Dismal Swamp Region of Virginia. 91-93.
Brooke Meanley
Adaptive Feeding in a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet. 93-94.
Henry A. Hespenheide
Some Foods of the Yellow Rail in Missouri. 94-95.
David A. Easterla
Winter Barn Owl Foods in a Louisiana Coastal Marsh. 95-96.
E. S. Jemison, Robert H. Chabreck
Nest Sanitation of Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker. 96-97.
Lawrence Kilham
Wing-Flashing of Graceful Mockingbird While Assembling Sticks. 97.
F. Haverschmidt
Long Drinks by a Hummingbird. 98.
Charles H. Blake
Notes on Least Flycatcher Behavior. 98-99.
Russell E. Mumford
Total Albinism in a Nebraska Bobwhite. 99.
Karl E. Menzel
A Record of a Puffin in Vermont. 99-100.
Allen H. Benton
A Hybrid Between a King Eider and Common Eider Observed in Iceland. 100-101.
Sewall Pettingill, Jr.
Mourning Doves Raise Eight Young in One Year in the Same Nest. 101.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw
Breeding American Widgeon in New York. 101.
Lee W. Degraff, Robert Bauer

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