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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 73, Number 2 (1961)

Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Notes on the Breeding Behavior of the Anhinga. 115-125.
Ted T. Allen
Summer Crepuscular Flights of American Woodcocks in Central Massachusetts. 126-139.
William G. Sheldon
Energy of Birds Conserved by Roosting in Cavities. 140-147.
S. Charles Kendeigh
A Botanical Analysis of Kirtland's Warbler Nests. 148-154.
William E. Southern
The Geographical and Ecological Distribution of the Black Swift in Colorado. 155-170.
Owen A. Knorr
Weather and Fall Migration of Hawks at Cedar Grove, Wisconsin. 171-192.
Helmut C. Mueller, Daniel D. Berger
Song Variation in a Population of Mexican Juncos. 193-206.
Peter Marler, Donald Isaac
Letter to the Editor. 215-217.
Ornithological News. 218.
Ornithological Literature. 219-224.

General Notes

Dermestids Killed When Feeding on Skeletons of Birds Killed by Organic Insecticides. 207.
L. M. Bartlett
Some Shorebird Records From Mexico. 207-208.
Ben B. Coffey, Jr.
A Hybrid Between the Painted and Varied Buntings. 209.
Robert W. Storer
Recent Brood Records for the White-Winged Scoter in North Dakota. 209-210.
H. F. Duebbert
Marsh Hawk and Common Crows Feeding Simultaneously on Roadside-Carrion. 210.
Charles A. Long
Two Observations on the Orientation of Day Migrants Heading Inland From the Massachusetts Coastline. 211-212.
William H. Drury, Jr.
Phoebe Builds Over Dead Young. 212.
Dorothy L. Bordner
A Prehistoric Record of the Trumpeter Swan From Central Pennsylvania. 212-213.
Paul W. Parmalee
Food Competition Among Closely Related Sympatric Species. 214.
R. O. Bender

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