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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 71, Number 4 (1959)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


A New Species of Rail From the Philippine Islands. 303-306.
Kenneth C. Parkes, Dean Amadon
The Song, Nest, Eggs, and Young of the Long-Tailed Partridge. 307-312.
Dwain W. Warner
Life History Notes on the Least Tern. 313-322.
Ivan R. Tomkins
Early Reproductive Behavior of Flickers. 323-336.
Lawrence Kilham
Testicular Response in Bobwhites to Interrupted Dark Periods. 337-343.
Charles M. Kirkpatrick
Subspecies of the Canada Goose in Michigan. 344-347.
Arthur E. Staebler
The 1956-1957 Invasion of Three-Toed Woodpeckers. 348-363.
J. David West, J. Murray Speirs
Birds Observed During Two Atlantic Crossings. 364-371.
R. Haven Wiley, Jr.
Changes in the Breeding Birds of Bird Haven Sanctuary Over a Period of Forty-Five Years. 372-380.
Perna M. Stine
Ornithological News. 389.
Josselyn Van Tyne Memorial Library. 390.
Ornithological Literature. 391-399.
Index to Volume 71, 1959. 399-408.

General Notes

Pileated Woodpecker Attacks Pilot Black Snake at Tree Cavity. 381-382.
Val Nolan, Jr.
A North American Sight Record of the Redwing. 382-383.
Charles F. J. Young
Notes on Pairing and Nest-Building of Mismatched Vireos. 383-384.
Doris C. Hauser
Sparrow Hawks Attempting to Breed in the Laboratory. 384-385.
Frank A. Hartman
Chipping Sparrow Copulates with House Sparrow. 385.
Thane S. Robinson
Caspian Tern and Black Skimmer in Newfoundland. 385-386.
Harrison B. Tordoff, William E. Southern
Notes on a Late Nesting of Harris' Hawks Near Midland, Texas. 386-387.
Anne L. Lesassier, Frances C. Williams
Laughing Gulls Following the Plow. 387-388.
Robert G. Wolk

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