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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 71, Number 3 (1959)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


King Eiders Mated with Common Eiders in Iceland. 205-207.
Olin Sewall Pettingill, Jr.
Forty Years of Spring Migration in Southern Connecticut. 208-219.
Aretas A. Saunders
An Audio Technique for the Study of Nocturnal Migration of Birds. 220-236.
Richard R. Graber, William W. Cochran
Calculation of Flight Directions of Birds Observed Crossing the Face of the Moon. 237-243.
I. C. T. Nisbet
Song and Tree Sparrow Weight and Fat Before and After a Night of Migration. 244-253.
Carl W. Helms
Homing of Purple Martins. 254-261.
William E. Southern
The Development of Sound-Signal Preferences in Ducks. 262-266.
Peter H. Klopper
Some Functions of the Rectrices and their Coverts in the Landing of Pigeons. 267-273.
Harvey I. Fisher
Ornithological News. 285.
Ornithological Literature. 286-289.
Proceedings of the Fortieth Annual Meeting. 290-298.
Aaron M. Bagg

General Notes

Tarsal Scutellation of Song Birds As a Taxonomic Character. 274-277.
A. L. Rand
Foot-Paddling Feeding Behavior in a Semi-Palmated Sandpiper. 277.
Andrew J. Meyerriecks
Tarsal Oiling by a Banded Fox Sparrow. 277-278.
Jack P. Hailman
The Taxonomy of the Robin in Mexico. 278-280.
J. Dan Webster
Octaves and Kilocycles in Bird Songs. 280-282.
Aretas A. Saunders
Early and Elaborate Nests of the Killdeer in Hancock County, Ohio. 282.
Richard Stuart Phillips
A Hybrid White-Crowned X White-Throated Sparrow. 282-283.
Jackson M. Abbott
A Nesting Colony of Forster's Terns and Black Skimmers in Southwestern Louisiana. 283-284.
J. L. Chamberlain

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