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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 69, Number 4 (1957)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


A Serological Analysis of Some Anatid Classifications. 291-300.
William B. Cotter, Jr.
Field Notes on Some Cuban Birds. 301-313.
Charles Vaurie
The Contributions of Josselyn Van Tyne to the Wilson Ornithological Society. 314-316.
A. W. Schorger
Population Density of Alder Flycatchers and Common Goldfinches in Crataegus Habitats of Southeastern Michigan. 317-322.
Andrew J. Berger
A Study of Summer Bird Populations Near Tokyo, Japan. 323-332.
H. Elliott Mcclure
Notes on Reproductive Activities of Robins in Iowa and Illinois. 333-337.
W. D. Klimstra, W. O. Stieglitz
Distribution of the Palm Warbler and Its Status in Michigan. 338-351.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw, Mark A. Wolf
Fall Migration and Weather, with Special Reference to Harris' Sparrow. 352-359.
O. A. Stevens
Wilson Ornithological Society News. 372-373.
Ornithological Literature. 374-375.
Index to Volume 69, 1957. 376-390.

General Notes

Eastern Phoebe Nesting in Louisiana. 360-361.
Horace H. Jeter
Comments on Wing-Flashing and Its Occurrence in Mimidae with Uniformly Colored Wings. 361-363.
Lovie M. Whitaker
Brood Capture Involving Conflict Between Two Female Mallards. 363-364.
Stuart S. Peters
Observations on Mexican Birds. 364-367.
L. Irby Davis
Notes on the Red Crossbill in Minnesota. 367-368.
Robert W. Dickerman
The Look-Out Perch As a Factor in Predation by Crows. 368-370.
F. W. Preston
Broad-Winged Hawk in Coahuila. 370-371.
Robert L. Packard
A Pallid-Eyed Individual of Dumetella Carolinensis. 371.
Alice D. Miller

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