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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 68, Number 4 (1956)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Seasonal Patterns in the Epigamic Displays of Some Surface-Feeding Ducks. 275-281.
A. Ogden Ramsay
The Appendicular Myology of the Sandhill Crane, with Comparative Remarks on the Whooping Crane. 282-304.
Andrew J. Berger
Foods of the Wild Turkey in the White River Bottomlands of Southeastern Arkansas. 305-311.
Brooke Meanley
Two Physiological Considerations in Bird Migration. 312-319.
W. B. Yapp
The Wilson Ornithological Society Library. 319.
Ornithological News. 328.
Letter to the Editor. 328.
Wilson Ornithological Society Library. 329-338.
Ornithological Literature. 339-343.
Wilson Ornithological Society Membership Roll. 344-375.
Index to Volume 68, 1956. 376-384.

General Note

Black Ducks Eat Stunned Fish. 320.
John M. Mccormick
Comments Concerning the Age at Which Imprinting Occurs. 320-321.
Peter H. Klopfer
Little Gull Taken in Indiana. 321.
Russell E. Mumford
Evening Grosbeak Nesting in Michigan. 321-322.
Russell E. Mumford
The Nest and Egg of Tachyphonus Phoenicius. 322-323.
F. Haverschmidt
Notes on the Nesting of the Wandering Tattler. 323-324.
Adolph Murie
Ringed Kingfisher at Austin, Texas. 324-325.
Edgar B. Kincaid, Jr.,
Sandhill Cranes Killed by Flying Into Power Line. 325-326.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw
Lark Sparrow Collected in Rhode Island. 326.
James Baird
Records of the Buff-Breasted Sandpiper From Alabama. 326-327.
Thomas Z. Atkeson
The Muscovy Duck in the Pleistocene of Panama. 327.
Alexander Wetmore

General Notes

Cape May Warbler in Oklahoma. 320.
John S. Tomer

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