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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 66, Number 3 (1954)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Nesting of the Snow Bunting on Baffin Island. 159-179.
George M. Sutton, David F. Parmelee
A Chachalaca From the Miocene of Florida. 180-183.
Pierce Brodkorb
The Value of the Christmas Bird Counts. 184-195.
Paul A. Stewart
A Laboratory Approach to the Study of Imprinting. 196-206.
A. Ogden Ramsay, Eckhard H. Hess
Bird Mortality at Airport Ceilometers. 207-215.
Joseph C. Howell, Amelia R. Laskey, James T. Tanner
Ornithological Literature. 225-227.
Proceedings of the Thirty-Fifth Annual Meeting. 227-234.
Phillips B. Street
The Wilson Ornithological Club Library. 234.

General Notes

Reactions of Chipping Sparrows to Displaced Nestlings. 216-217.
Frederick H. Test, Elizabeth R. Vandecrift
Bob-White Eggs in Pheasant Nest. 217.
Alexander W. Blain
The Status of Cranes in Nebraska. 218-219.
William F. Rapp, Jr.,
The Lark Bunting in Utah. 219-221.
Richard D. Porter, Harold J. Ecoscue
Pine Siskin Nesting in Eastern South Dakota. 221-222.
Herbert Krause
First Record for Eastern Canada of the Black-Throated Gray Warbler. 222.
J. B. Foster
Nesting of the Least Tern in Illinois. 223.
Richard Brewer
Winter Record for the Myrtle Warbler in Southeastern Michigan. 224.
Evan B. Hazard
The Hawk Pass at Duluth, Minnesota. 224.
P. B. Hofslund

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