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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 66, Number 2 (1954)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Help Yourself-And the Wilson Club. 80.
Nesting of the Water-Turkey in Eastern Arkansas. 81-88.
Brooke Meanley
Traill's Flycatcher in New York. 89-92.
Kenneth C. Parkes
Effects of Weather on Nocturnal Migration As Seen From One Observation Point at Philadelphia. 93-101.
Joseph M. Devlin
Meteorological Analysis of Occurrence of Grounded Migrants at Smith Point, Texas, April 17 - May 17, 1951. 102-111.
John V. Dennis
Body Weight and Fat Deposition in Captive White-Throated Sparrows in Relation to the Mechanics of Migration. 112-118.
Albert Wolfson
The Pterylosis of the Nestling Coua Ruficeps. 119-126.
Andrew J. Berger, William A. Lunk
On the Spurs on Birds' Wings. 127-134.
A. L. Rand
Ornithological Literature. 154-155.
William A. Lunk
Land Use and our Avifauna. 155-156.
Olaus J. Murie
The Wilson Ornithological Club Library. 156.

General Notes

Predation on Bats by Hawks and Owls. 135-136.
John W. Twente, Jr.,
A Wintering Concentration of Eagles in Oklahoma. 136.
John B. Van Den Akker
Mourning Doves Nest in Black-Crowned Night Heron Nests. 137.
Walter P. Nickell
Yellow-Billed Cuckoo's Egg in Mourning Dove's Nest. 137.
Walter P. Nickell
Red-Wings Hatch and Raise a Yellow-Billed Cuckoo. 137-138.
Walter P. Nickell
Avocets Nesting in Kansas. 138.
Marvin D. Schwilling
Olathe Quail in Utah. 139.
S. Dillon Ripley
North American Birds on the Brazilian Coast. 139-140.
Margaret H. (Mrs. Osborne) Mitchell
Observations of Sea Birds Off the Southeastern Florida Coast. 140-141.
Richard W. Castenholz
King Eider in West Virginia. 141.
Ralph M. Edeburn
An American Bittern with a Deformed Bill. 142.
H. Lewis Batts Jr.,
Peculiar Wall-Scaling Taeties in the English Sparrow. 142.
Oliver S. Owen
Aerial Feeding by White-Crowned Sparrows. 143.
Woodward H. Brown
Aerial Feeding by the English Sparrow. 143.
Oliver S. Owen
A Hybrid Between the Chipping and Clay-Colored Sparrows. 143-144.
Robert W. Storer
A Fossil Thrasher From the Pleistocene of Mexico. 144-145.
Robert W. Storer
A New Nesting Locality for the Common Tern. 145.
Mary P. Sherwood
Vertical Migration in Certain Fringillids. 146.
Richard H. Manville
An Observation on Redhead Parasitism. 146-148.
D. F. Mckinney
American Bittern in Virgin Islands. 148.
George A. Seaman
Diurnal Foraging by the Great Horned Owl. 148.
Terry A. Vaughan
A Second Flock of Whooping Cranes. 149.
Max W. Delaubenfels
Additional Notes on the Birds of Southwestern Kansas. 149-151.
Jean W. Graber
Summer Records of Redheads in a Michigan Inland Marsh. 151.
E. E. Kenaga
Black-Throated Sparrow in Kansas. 151.
Marvin D. Schwilling
Notes on the Call of a Ferruginous Pigmy Owl. 152.
Jerry _Xxx_, Norma Stillwell
A Nest of the Yellow Warbler Superimposed on a Red-Eyed Vireo Nest. 152-153.
Harold D. Mahan
Cardinal's Period of Dependency. 153.
Hervey Brackbill

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