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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 61, Number 2 (1949)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Wilson Club News. 62.
The President's Page. 63-64.
Olin Sewall Pettingill, Jr.
The Nest of the Colima Warbler in Texas. 65-67.
Emmet R. Blake
Age Groups and Longevity in the American Robin: Comments, Further Discussion, and Certain Revisions. 68-81.
Donald S. Farner
Twenty-Five Eggs Apparently Laid by a Cowbird. 82-85.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw
Mortality of Birds at the Ceilometer of the Nashville Airport. 86-90.
Walter R. Spofford
The Effect of Age on Laying Dates, Size of Eggs, and Size of Clutch in the Yellow-Eyed Penguin. 91-98.
L. E. Richdale
The Snowy Owl Migration of 1946-47. 99-102.
L. L. Snyder
The Ornithographia Americana of Father Plumier, 1689-1696. 103-105.
Francois Bourliere
Conservation. 115-116.
Albert Hochbaum
Literature. 117-125.
The Wilson Ornithological Club Library. 126.
Obituary. 126.
Report of the Treasurer for 1948. 127-128.

General Notes

Bird Notes From Northern Michigan. 106-108.
Richard H. Manville
The Vernacular Name of the Baltimore Oriole. 108-109.
Hervey Brackbill
Birds Feeding on European Corn Borer in Nebraska. 109-110.
Clarence A. Sooter
The Study of Hawks in Flight From a Blimp. 110.
E. I. Stearns
Some Whistling Swan Observations in Western Alaska. 111.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw
Two Birds New for the Rio Grande Valley. 111-112.
Allan D. Cruickshank
Summer Tanager in Michigan. 112.
Harrison B. Tordoff
Texas Habitat of Botteri's Sparrow and Gulf Coast Records of Wintering Sparrows. 112-113.
S. Dillon Ripley
Close Proximity of Two Nests of American Bitterns. 113.
Douglas S. Middleton
Two Observations of Wing-Flashing by Mockingbirds. 113.
John H. Wampole
Catbird Attacks Snake. 113-114.
F. W. Preston
Northern Shrike at Play. 114.
Henry C. Kyllingstad

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