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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 56, Number 3 (1944)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Notes on a Cowbird Parasitizing a Song Sparrow. 129-132.
Russell T. Norris
Life History of the Blue-Throated Toucanet. 133-151.
Alexander F. Skutch
Eastward Migration Through the Gulf States. 152-160.
W. L. Mcatee, Thomas D. Burleigh, George H. Lowery, Jr., Herbert L. Stoddard
Weight Records for Some Atlantic Alcidae. 161-168.
R. A. Johnson
Editorial. 175.
Obituary. 175.
Ornithological News. 176-177.
Report of the Nominating Committee. 177.
Wildlife Conservation. 178-180.
Wilson Ornithological Club Library. 181-182.
To the Members of the Wilson Ornithological Club:. 182.
Ornithological Literature. 183-191.

General Notes

The American Egret Breeding in Ohio. 169.
Lawrence E. Hicks
Summer Occurrence of Holboell's Grebe in Ohio. 169.
Clarence F. Clark
A Mouse Eaten by a Wood Duck. 170.
A. L. Nelson
The Sex Ratio in Wilson's Snipe. 170-171.
Josselyn Van Tyne
History of a Mourning Dove Nest. 171-172.
Alfred M. Bailey
Crow Feeding From the Surface of Water. 172.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw
Notes on the Arrow-Headed Warbler. 172-173.
James Bond
The Cardinal's Period of Dependency. 173-174.
Hervey Brackbill
Bachman's Sparrow Taken in Michigan. 174.
Louis W. Campbell
Blue Grosbeak Breeding in West Virginia. 174.
Lawrence E. Hicks

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