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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 54, Number 2 (1942)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Development of Young Goshawks. 81-88.
Richard M. Bond
The Birds of a Bull's Horn Acacia. 89-96.
Olin Sewall Pettingill, Jr.
Breeding Behavior of Bell's Vireo in Illinois. 97-106.
F. A. Pitelka, E. J. Koestner
The Sharp-Tailed Sparrows of the Atlantic Coast. 107-120.
William Montagna
Flight and Running Speeds of Birds. 121-131.
Clarence Cottam, Cecil S. Williams, Clarence A. Sooter
Notes on the Migrations of the Elf and Flammulated Screech Owls. 132-137.
Allan R. Phillips
Ornithological News. 144.
Obituary. 144.
Editorial. 144.
Wildlife Conservation. 145-147.
Ornithological Literature. 148-151.

General Notes

Avian Psychological Disturbance Resulting From Abnormal Coloration. 138.
Harrison F. Lewis
American Bittern Wintering in Michigan. 138.
Harold F. Mayfield
Some New Water Bird Records for Kentucky. 138-139.
Burt L. Monroe, Robert M. Mengel
Ducks Following Bald Eagles. 139.
Milton B. Trautman
Glaucous Gull in Oklahoma. 139-140.
Seth H. Low, Richard E. Griffith, Clarence Cottam
Works of North American Ornithologists. 140.
W. L. Mcatee
An Unusual Nest of the Great Horned Owl. 141.
Ward M. Sharp
Winter Records of the Mourning Dove and Band-Tailed Pigeon in Washington. 142.
John W. Slipp
Bonaparte's Type of Passerculus Anthinus. 142-143.
A. J. Van Rossem

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