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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 53, Number 3 (1941)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


The Breeding of the Black Oyster-Catcher. 141-156.
J. Dan Webster
The Belligerency of the Kingbird. 157-168.
David E. Davis
Effect of Photoperiod on Molting of Feathers. 169-180.
S. W. Lesher, S. Charles Kendeigh
A Collection of Birds From the La Sal Mountain Region of Southeastern Utah. 181-184.
William H. Behle
An Experimental Study of Browse As a Winter Diet for Prairie Chicken. 185-195.
F. N. Hamerstrom, Jr.,, Frank Hopkins, Anton J. Rinzel
Editorial. 199-200.
Obituary. 200.
Wildlife Conservation. 201-202.
Ornithological News. 202.
Ornithological Literature. 203-208.

General Notes

Bald Eagle Nesting in Kentucky. 196.
Burt L. Monroe, Robert M. Mengel
A Swallow-Tailed Kite in New Jersey. 196.
William F. Rapp, Jr.
The Dance of the Sandhill Crane. 196-197.
John L. George
The Starling in Jackson, Wyoming. 197.
Olaus J. Murie
The Strange Death of a Young Grackle. 197.
Karl W. Kenyon, Leonard J. Uttal
Unusual Behavior of a Banded Cardinal. 197-198.
James B. Young

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