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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 52, Number 4 (1940)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Birds of Tamazunchale, San Luis Potosi. 221-233.
George Miksch Sutton, Thomas D. Burleigh
Ornithological News. 233.
Distribution and Characters of the Utah Red-Wing. 234-240.
William H. Behle
Nesting Pigeon Hawks. 241-248.
John _Xxx_, Frank Craighead
The Breeding Warblers of the Central Allegheny Mountain Region. 249-266.
Maurice Brooks
The Sex Ratio in Nestling Eastern Red-Wings. 267-277.
J. Fred Williams
Editorial. 282.
Obituary. 282.
Ornithological Literature. 283-287.
Index to Volume 52, 1940. 288-298.

General Notes

Egg Weights of Some Arctic Nesting Birds. 278.
Ralph S. Palmer
Black Vulture and Red Fox Found in Unusual Association. 278-279.
Frederick S. Barkalow, Jr.,
Snow-Killed Bobwhite Covey. 280.
Robert Mccabe, Aldo Leopold
Red Phalarope and Other Water Birds at Lexington, Virginia. 280-281.
J. J. Murray
Community Bathing of the Cedar Waxwing. 281.
Arthur E. Staebler, Leslie D. Case

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