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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 50, Number 2 (1938)

Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


The American Coot in Iowa. 81-86.
Charles E. Friley, Jr., Logan J. Bennett, George O. Hendrickson
Bachman's Sparrow in the North-Central Portion of Its Range. 86-109.
Maurice Brooks
A Predator-Prey Relationship Between the Short-Eared Owl and the Meadow Mouse. 110-112.
L. L. Snyder, C. E. Hope
Food Habits of Buteo Hawks in North-Central United States. 113-121.
Paul L. Errington, W. J. Breckenridge
Nest Life of the Bank Swallow. 122-137.
Leonard K. Beyer
Editorial. 138.
Ornithological Literature. 147-158.
Communications. 159-160.

General Notes

Fall Records of Golden Plover in Iowa. 139.
Wilfred D. Crabb
Duck Hawks Nesting in Western Tennessee. 139.
Frank Bellrose Jr.
Canada Geese Nesting in Indiana. 139.
Charles H. Reider
A New Device for Studying Chimney Swifts. 139-140.
Maurice Brooks
A Fatal Combat Between Heron and Snake. 140.
Clarence Cottam
The Invasion of Northern Mississippi by the Starlings. 140-141.
Ross E. Hutchins
Piping Plover Taken in Central Ohio. 141.
Lawrence E. Hicks
Association of Marsh Hawk and Game-Bird Nests. 142.
Adrian C. Fox
Nesting of Red-Winged Blackbirds. 143-144.
Harold B. Wood
Blue Goose in Western New York. 144.
Chas. J. Spiker
An Albinistic Townsend's Solitaire. 145.
Richard M. Bond
The 1937 Fall Migration at the Washington Monument. 146.
Robert Overing

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